January 19, 2011

Dragona(KR) Pre-OBT on January 20

Think you already played all kinds of MMORPG? A new action packed MMO has come to invade your network. Dragona Online, "Expedition of Bartan", Pre-OBT Phase is hitting Korean market on January 20, 2011. What's more, the Global Server of Dragona online will come this summer. It's the time for the NEW DNA of MMORPG.

Gunner ----> Transformed Style

The fantasy story starts with the development of the Radiant Magical Earth which was created by the Goddess, Huanis. The Magical Earth had prospered for many years until one dragon lord was born "Jurtan", who wanted to embrace and be enlighten by the beautiful Goddess and begged to be near her always. However, jealousy had struck the five Dragon Lords which made them decide to banish him to the degraded and tarnished land of the Magical Earth unable to reach the loved and noble Huanis. This had enraged the Dragon lord Jurtan and oath the destruction of the dragon lords that lead to the first Dragon War.


The Game presents a new DNA and edge with variety of convenience features in gaming. Its highly detailed top quality graphics and stunning dragon transformation system with vibrant skill effects, this game's visual will surely please your 6 senses while your heart will keep pounding by the massive PvP battle system. With its effortless automated quest link system and automatic navigating system, you can finish your quest with a click of a hand. Not to mention, this game surely has auto recovery system for non-stress potting power. The game also provides you with three different races and six character classes for the variety of choosing your path for the journey.

Credits: MMOsite

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