January 11, 2011

TERA Okay for Medium-end PC

The MMORPG TERA, which is published by Korea-based NHN, has extremely dazzling and exquisite graphics. It was once reported that TERA was the best MMO in terms of graphics (TERA Ranked No. 1 in Graphics). However, we can see from TERA's official site that its PC system requirements are not high.

Only Intel Pentium 4 is enough, which is the minimum requirement. Namely, even though your computer was purchased several years ago, it can still run the game. That's unbelievable! Next, let's take a look at more details!

The recommended system requirements shown on the official site:

From the above table, we can say the basic system requirements for TERA are quite acceptable. Nevertheless, will computers with such specifications really be able to run the game? Well, let's believe it, after all, the system requirements are announced through the official site.

This report consists of the system requirements provided on the game's official site and some relevant game info. To some extent, whether the game can be run smoothly also depends on the network speed and many other factors.

Minimum Specifications

This list is purely out of date. Perhaps, players can only run the game but cannot fully experience it.

Recommended Specifications

If you want to run the game more smoothly, please choose the following specifications:

Best Graphics Requirement

Credits: MMOsite

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