February 28, 2011

TERA Opens Battlefield System

TERA, a hot online game published by NHN's game portal Hangame, has recently made open its "battlefield system" officially in an effort to give players brand-new fighting fun.

The cross-server PvP "battlefield system" in TERA empowers players on the same server to team up and fight against those on other servers, and makes available 5 vs. 5 and 10 vs. 10 combats.

On the 5 vs. 5 "Battlefield of Militance", players can receive points once defeating opponents, and the team that receives points first and earns more points within a given time will be regarded as the winner; on the 10 vs. 10 "Battlefield of Honor", players struggle for strongholds, and the team that occupies all the 3 strongholds first will be the winner.

Additionally, the team leader will get the title - "Battlefield Commander", and can use special "commander skills" like "position tracing" (to locate their own team or the opponent team's position) and "fireball bursting" (to attack in a designated place) and take advantage of special systems like the "commander dialog system" (to issue orders more clearly), for the sake of enjoying the combats filling up with strategies and tactics.

Each member of the winning team can be granted a "Kungfu Badge", which can be exchanged for special items usable in PvP combats, as well as other decent rewards.

Credits: MMOsite

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