February 23, 2011

Terror in TERA

Many Korean TERA Players Quit Because of Overflowing Illegal Programs

Since TERA's OBT in January, the cheating programs have always been one of the major problems both players and media lash out at. Last February 10, the official company banned 3,331 accounts at a time, seeming to crack down on the cheating deeds. Nevertheless, the number of players who use the third-party software increased after 12 days. While overseas players still hold out hope for TERA, lots of Korean players have chosen to quit the game.

Process of using the third-party program

As 80% areas of Cannibals' Cave Floor -3 and Dividing Strip teem with monsters that have low HP & attack and can respawn quickly, it is convenient for players to use illegal programs all day and night for the sake of leveling up and gathering materials. Additionally, if players keep watch on their cheating programs, they can farm materials in any place or directly challenge the outdoor bosses alone, as long as they take enough potions.

It seems reasonable to solve this problem by law, but cheating programs are developed based on in-game bugs and systems. Thus, the cheaters' chances of being punished is almost zero after the case is filed. Even if they impose punishment, they will get off with just a slap on the wrist.

Currently, it is certain that more than half of the players don't use those illegal programs. However, for a subscription-based game, is it fair for common players who grow up step by step in the game, while others can easily level up and earn money with the use of illegal programs?

If such a situation goes on, the in-game economic system will collapse and the game will face the peril of termination subsequently.

For TERA, the cheating problem is a sharp weapon that will hurt it and shorten its lifespan. If NHN doesn't tackle this problem as soon as possible, TERA will keep bleeding until it dies.

Credits: MMOsite

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