February 16, 2011

Warning: New Trojans!

Note: This applies to all online games, not just Cabal

There are several new trojans around which are specialized in gathering account information for popular online games.

Those trojans gather also account information about Cabal online accounts. All our client and patch downloads are clean, but please be even more suspicious about unofficial sources now.

They are usually distributed with illegal software such as cracked games and clients for private server of MMOs.

There might be also other trojans, but so far Kaspersky considers "Trojan-GameThief.Win32.Magania.dbtv" the most severe of them.

In most cases they are used by various Alz Selling companies that use the information to gain unauthorised access to accounts and sell the items.

They are working extremely fast, one of the cases we managed to prevent ( because the player was online and managed to change his passwords from a second secure PC) it took them under 5 hours after the software (trojan) was downloaded until they made an attempt to enter the account.

In recent months both these rankings have shown a marked increase in the use of exploits by cybercriminals. Their goal remains the same – the theft of confidential user data – but the propagation techniques and methods that prevent the analysis and detection of malware have varied.

One entry of note in the end-user Top Twenty malware list is a Trojan that steals account logins and passwords for popular online games.

You can find more information and the full article here.

Credits: GM Reeves of Cabal EU

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