February 26, 2011

Will TERA Become F2P?

Korean media have recently said that TERA will confront another great test today, i.e. today will play a key part in checking whether the game can go on with its current profitable trend.

Since TERA adopts the monthly and quarterly subscription modes, and January is TERA's first month of commercial service, so most players chose to start off with the monthly subscription.

Experts in the industry said that today would be an important divide that bears on TERA's success or failure, because South Korean players are usually hard to return to a game once leaving it.

To stimulate the market, NHN has recently held an event that gives LED monitors and will last till March.

Meanwhile, in order to detain the players inclined to quit, TERA has also conducted a relatively large-scale update, e.g. balancing some of Lancer's abnormal skills, opening the cross-server battlefields, and making available the 5 vs. 5 and 10 vs. 10 combats.

As NHN disclosed, TERA will bring its political system online in the middle of March, and players can then vote for the mayor who has many privileges that'll do good to players. This just serves as TERA's future core content.

According to the one in charge of NHN, TERA's monthly settlement today will directly reflect players' liking for TERA, and players will also decide whether to recharge their accounts for further gameplay. The updated battlefield system and upcoming politic system are the game highlights that TERA now focuses on for the sake of growth.

Credits: MMOsite

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