April 14, 2011

Monopoly Review

We're not talking about the famous Monopoly board game, rather it's video game rendition. It has been developed by Tikgames, and published by RealArcade. The video game adapts the rules of the original board game, which generally revolves around making money while having fun.

For starters, you would have to choose a pewter piece to represent yourself in the board. There is a wide range of available choices, which they have modified from top hats and thimbles, to french fries, cellular phones and labradoodles, to name a few. The pieces are well designed, it complements the interface and the improved graphics of the game. Upon choosing a pewter piece, the game would start.

Even though the same rules and guidelines have been applied, the player is capable of customizing some of the principles of the game, such as modifying the initial cash, amount of salary, or the number of houses needed to buy a hotel. By default, the start-up money is $15 million, instead of the traditional $1500.

Tikgames may have utilized the same concept of Monopoly, but they were able to add a twist that made the game remarkable. The developers did a good job in localizing the virtual board by integrating real U.S. destinations and landmarks. Upon playing the game, you would chance upon certain attractions such as the Mall of America, Fenway Park and even Disney World. They were able to apply modern market prices as well; at least by the time the game had been published.

Monopoly is entertaining not only because the visuals and the animations are seamless, but the game itself is also compelling. It is convenient to play as the screen shows the board and the history field, where you'd be able to monitor the moves that had been made. The buttons Build, Sell, Mortgage, Unmortgage and Trade are placed beneath the board, which can be used upon each turn.

The game still has its old thrill of buying properties, building houses and bankrupting your colleagues. There are changes made in the Chance and Community Chest cards, such as winning money through lottery or being a Hollywood actor. In spite of the many improvements in the game, Monopoly: Here and Now still presents a simple gameplay and a notable interface overhaul.

Monopoly: Here and Now is one of the best boardgame adaptations to video games. Monopoly enthusiasts would certainly enjoy playing this on their mobile phones, but those who haven't tried it would also have a fun time learning the tricks and trades of Monopoly. The animations are entertaining, and the game itself is simple and addictive.

You can download the game at http://m.smart.com.ph/games

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