May 10, 2011

Blade and Soul Closed Beta Review (Part 2)

Excellent Graphics and Unimaginably Low System Requirements

Blade & Soul realizes excellent graphic effects and low system requirements at the same time. Art Director Kim successfully flesh out all characters in the game, and NCsoft's powerful R&D team presents players impressive graphics and visual shocks, and in return, receive great praise from players.

In addition, Mr. Pae, the Managing Director of NCsoft posted on his microblog that players can enjoy the best game effects just using E6600 CPU and NVIDIA 8800GT. So, players don't have to suffer the troubles to upgrade their computers for this game.

Meanwhile, Blade & Soul can run smoothly at the speed of 20-30fps with1600x1050 resolution. Thanks to NCsoft's performance in engine optimization!

There is another admirable aspect about NCsoft, that is, the stability of server and network. Although short disconnection happened twice between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm on the first day, the server remained stable and normal in the next 9 hours. Thus, players can enjoy themselves to the utmost without worrying about the game security.

Funny Movements

Blade & Soul gives players' greatest pleasure with exaggerated movements. For example, Force Masters can toss their opponents up and down by means of gathering Qi and ride on enemies and hit them violently at close quarters, all of which fully represent the featured striking effects in the game.

What's more, if players use the in-game camera to capture screenshots or the third-party software to record the combats, they will enjoy the replay like a martial arts movie.

The fluent fighting process and cool defensive posture also cheer players. Players will never feel bored in the course of leveling up.

Here, I strongly recommend players who are passionate for violence to choose Kung-Fu Masters as their classes. Kung-Fu Masters have the basic triple-hit skill , which can be released naturally and smoothly followed by a fatal blow. In this way, players can understand the art of violence.

Hilarious Plot to Liven up the Atmosphere

Considering the fact that players may feel tired after hours of intense gaming, Blade & Soul provides some small quests and funny animations for the players to release tension and appreciate the humor of this game.

Humor can also be found in the branch stories such as King and the Clown, Cinderella and the prince, in which, players will be hearing the funny lines, soulful dubbings and entertained by meticulous plots and amusements of this game.

Repeated quests can be accepted from this NPC, who is the Cinderella in the martial-arts world.

Before its first CBT, Blade & Soul has been defined as an 18+ game by Korea Media Rating Board due to its violent and bloody scenes, so this game is only open for adults and office workers will benefit from the interesting game storyline in terms of alleviating their work pressure

At last, we hope NCsoft will continue its hard work and bring more splendid contents about Blade & Soul in the future test.

Credits: MMOsite

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