May 7, 2011

Dragona PH CBT Postponed

A recent post in the Dragona PH Facebook fanpage announced the postponement of Dragona PH's closed beta testing.

Here's the notice they posted:

We apologize for not being able to get in touch regarding the CBT phase of Dragona PH that was scheduled to start this month.

Please be informed that the CBT launch of the game will be moved to June 2011. We have decided that this would be best for the players and the game. Providing a stable online game experience for players is our top priority. Thus, we want to release a game that would have the highest quality possible.

We will announce the exact date and details of Dragona's CBT phase within this month. You may check out our website for updates and watch out for our CBT countdown events.

Thank you for your continuous patronage.

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