June 11, 2011

Cabal Legacy of Darkness Developers' Notes

We are pleased to release the Developers' Notes for the next CABAL update: Legacy of Darkness

These are only Developers' Notes. This means that while the information contained here is accurate it might also change, and some features might be added or removed before the update goes live on our servers.

Also, there is NO RELEASE DATE YET. There is no point in asking when it will go live, since as soon as we know we will inform you about it. Please do not create numerous posts and threads asking when the update will go live (not that asking this has stopped anyone in the past, but hope dies last).

Please remember that these notes are LIABLE TO CHANGE. They still have to go through a number of tests (during which it is almost guaranteed that some parts will change).

A quick run-through of the major additions though, in no particular order:

SP dice and Dungeon Points (DP): Good, solid additions.
New Armour and Epaulet: The epaulet is better than an +8 one. Enough said.
New Dungeon: Excellent dungeon, for sure. Hard as well, and with a brand-new game mechanic in place. I like it.
Fade-step to cursor: I do not think it has been mentioned, but it is fun, and I think it will have a big impact for so small a change.
Resizing the UI: You can now pick from different sizes for the entire UI.
Re-entering a solo dungeon after DC: I do not think anyone can object to this.
New force core upgrade system: This one will need some explanation later, I think.
Class-restricted armour: Same as the above.
New names for Epic items: I am not a fan of the names (yet) but I guess they will grow on me.
New ‘Named’ Mobs on the lower maps: These are loads of fun, and will be great for the lowest level players. They have an interesting drop system in place for these. I might dedicate a paragraph or two to them in a later blog.
Bike upgrades: Not bad either. Especially since the bike upgrade kits go up to Highest, and you only need Medium upgrades kits for an RW3... Some promise for the future ;-)


New Mission Dungeon

Maquinas Outpost
Pontus Ferrum (92,128) Entrance behind Lautus Pluma
Level 145 and above
Battle Style Level 11 and above
Entry Item
Hacked Code Disk

New Armour Set of Drei Frame

Set of Drei Frame
Obtainable only from MD Maquinas Outpost
Drop with up to 1 slot. You are not able to use a Slot Extender on these items
Armour Options and required stats to equip

Additional Information

Item grade: Highest
Epic options are not available
The set has 3 kinds of Unique options and the type/effect is applied at random

New Epaulet of Drei Frame

Epaulet of Drei Frame
Visible when wearing a Drei Frame Suit
Epaulet Options

Drei Frame Armour Set Effect

Drei Frame Armour Set combined with Drei Frame Epaulet Effect

Improved Force Core Upgrade System

The Force Core upgrading system has been improved with the implementation of Option Scrolls instead of catalysts.
Option Scrolls and Force Cores are divided into categories depending on the item level


Force Core Upgrading is done through the Core Alchemist NPC
The Force Core Upgrading UI has been changed

Obtaining Option Scrolls

Option Scrolls can be obtained by extracting armours and weapons with a transmuter
Option Scrolls can be either Random or Defined
Weapon Option Scrolls: Extracted from Weapons
Armour Option Scrolls: Extracted from Armour
An additional Option Scroll can be given depending on the upgrade level of the item being transmuted
The Option Scroll level is decided by the item grade

Random Option Scrolls

These scrolls grant a random upgrade attribute from the available options
Random Option Scrolls and Defined Option Scrolls can be used at the same time
When upgrading, the success/failure of the Random Option Scroll is decided first, then the success/failure of the Defined Option Scroll, if the two are used together.

Options for each part

Dungeon Point (DP) System


Players will receive Dungeon Points when completing dungeons


The DP gained, as well as the total accumulated DP, will be shown on the Dungeon Clear UI
The maximum DP that can be gained is 100
If no DP is gained in 3 hours the total DP is reset to 0
DP can be exchanged for items at the DP exchange NPC Peticia in Port Lux

Dungeon Points for each Dungeon

Dungeon Point Item Exchange

Cube Rewards

Each Cube has its own rewards, similar to the Mission War Buff Capsules
Cube of Experience rewards a Potion of Experience (low, medium, high, highest)
Each Potion of Experience can grant the following

Cube of Soul rewards a Potion of Soul (low, medium, high, highest)
Each Potion of Experience can grant the following

Cube of Enchant has the following rewards (Slot Extender rewards depend on the grade of the Cube of Enchant)

Other Additions

Astral Bike Changes and Additions
'Plasma Coating Kits' are changed to 'Bike Coating Kit - Colour'
'Bike Coating Kit - Colour' is sold by the Grocer in each village
'Bike Coating Kit - Colour' is applied by right-clicking on the coating kit then clicking on the Astral Bike
The following colours are available
Dark Red
Dark Blue
Burnt Yellow
Dark Viridian
Iron Yellow
Permanent Dark Red
Dark Ultramarine
Astral Bikes can now be upgraded to +15
New item Astral Bike upgrade kit is required
Astral Bike Blue level requirement lowered to level 60 (BSL 7 or above)
Battle Style Specific Armour
Bluestin/Titanium/Osmium is now class-specific
Class-specific attribute only applies to armour obtained after the update
'Class Attribute Card' is sold by the Port Lux Grocer to enable switching non-specific Armour to class-specific Armour.
Class-Specific Armour has an HP increase attribute
The amount of HP increased depends on the item level
New Convenient Dungeon functions
Added SP dice when completing a dungeon
BSLV 6 or above can recharge SP with the SP dice
SP dice is only available for Mission and DX dungeons, not quest dungeons
The amount of SP recharged depends on the Battle Style Level
BSLV 6-18: Recharge 0-5 bubbles of SP (0-25,000)
BSLV 19: Recharge 1-6 bubbles of SP (5,000 - 30,000)
Added a treasure chest to Panic Cave DX
Added Movement Speed to Character Information UI
Added option for Fade Step to move to the cursor
Added a method to receive items from Cash Inventory
Ctrl+Left Click moves items from the Cash Inventory
Added CABAL Logo watermark when the UI is hidden
Added Screen Options to Settings
Full Screen mode / Window Mode / Changeable Full Screen mode
It is possible to change Full Screen to Window mode by pressing 'Alt + Enter'
Added Guild Notice to Guild Information UI, and a Scroll function to the Guild Introduction UI
Added SIGMetal Material and Quartz cores to the droplist for Mutant Forest and higher
Added Item Lock function
During Item Lock neither inventory use or item exchange will be permitted
Added Nation War Reward Warp to the centre of Pontus Ferrum
Added Maximum zoom/out option
Added Entry Items for levelling quests from level 70-100
Added new Mercenary 'Maximum Level Rabbit'
Added ASC controller destroying mission to 'ASC controller' Scenario quest


It is now possible to re-enter a solo dungeon after a disconnect
A new entry item is not needed to re-enter the dungeon
Re-entering is only possible for 10 minutes after the disconnect
Re-entering is limited to the same dungeon in the same channel
Changed Epic (crafted) Items
Example: Deathblow Craft
Epic 1 - 3 refers to crafts of 6% - 10% Critical Damage (1-handed weapons)
Epic 4 - 7 refers to crafts of 16% and higher Critical Damage (1 handed weapons)
Changed colour of Epic items 1-3
Changed colour of Epic items 1-3 without slot to Lime
Changed colour of Epic items 1-3 with slot to Green
Changed the names of Epic Items 4 - 7
Destruction - Destructive
Amp - Outrageous
Adept - Skilled
Will - Convictional
Deathblow - Fatal
Restoration - Anabiotic
Luck - Miraculous
Changed the name of Vampiric Items
Epic items 1 - 3: Absorption
Epic items 4 - 7: Bloodsucking
Changed Quest Interface
Changes so that users can easily check the progression and details of quests
Changed so that Quest Summary information UI will be shown
Changed so that quests are divided into 'Quest in Progress', 'Scenario Quest', 'Normal Quest'
Quest Summary information UI is movable and stackable
The maximum number of Quest Summary information UI's is 5
Quest Monster location and items is shown on the GPS, marked as an X or purple triangle
Changes to the drops of certain dungeons
Changed option of certain low / high level epic items
Changed so that Buff potions and Blessing beads will not drop in weakened dungeons
Changed so that Extract Potions will not drop in certain dungeons
Dungeons: Lake in Dusk, Frozen Tower of Undead B1F, , Frozen Tower of Undead B2F
Changed the option of ‘Attack’, ‘Magic Attack’ to ‘All Attack UP’
Changed the option of ‘Sword / Magic Skill Amp.‘ to ‘All Skill Amp.UP’
Changed the slot option of Earrings / Bracelets to low epic option
Changes in the drops of Named Monsters
Forgotten Ruin
Astral Bike(Blue / RW3)
Epaulet +7
Slot Extender(Low / Medium)
Osmium Armor(Normal / Low Epic level 1 or above, High Epic level 1 or above)
Bike Upgrade Kit(Low / Medium)
Astral Bike(Blue / RW3)
SIGMetal Epaulet
Slot Extender(Low / Medium / High)
Shineguard / Teragrace / Mystic Armor(Normal / Low Epic level 1 or above, High Epic level 1 or above)
Bike Upgrade Kit(Low / Medium)
Pontus Ferrum
Astral Bike(Blue / RW3)
SIGMetal Epaulet
Slot Extender(Medium / High / Highest)
SIGMetal Armor(Normal / Low Epic level 1 or above, High Epic level 1 or above)
Bike Upgrade Kit(Low / Medium)
Porta Inferno
Astral Bike(Blue / RW3)
Epaulet +8
Slot Extender(Low / Medium / High / Highest)
Mithril Armor(Normal / Low Epic level 1 or above, High Epic level 1 or above)
Bike Upgrade Kit(Low / Medium)
Changed so that the sub-password will be applied on the creation of the inventory / warehouse
Removed the penalty from certain dungeons (Mission, DX, certain quest dungeons)
Changed the contents of certain quests
Monsters below level 34 is set to non-aggressive
Users can delete normal quests
Changed the Battle Style Level requirements for certain quests
Changed some NPC locations in certain dungeons
The casting time for Battle and Aura mode has been removed
Battle mode status is now saved during logout and login
Lautus Pluma is now set to aggressive
Removed the Core Cube reward from Mission Dungeons
Changed the weapon appearance of Wizard and Force Archer so the weapon equipped on the left side will show, regardless of the grade
Changed to show Titanium/Pherystin armour during character creation
Set new characters to spawn in front of the NPC that gives the first quest
Changed so that it is possible to destroy Lycanus, SIGMetal, and Drei Frame
Changed to save Board/Bike summon status during logout/login or channel changes
Changed to make the speed of summoning an Astral Bike or Astral Board identical
Lowered the droprate of Armours in Fort Ruina and the Undead Ground
Changed the Item Class of Shadowtitanium to Medium
The bamboo forest in the middle of Green Despair was removed

Credits: Cabal EU

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