June 11, 2011

Grand Epic Online: An Epic Gaming Experience

Ever since there came the concept of browser game, editorialists have been exclaiming over the new dimension of computer gaming. But as for browser-based MMORPGs, most we get in past years are only disappointments that are more of a texting game with very limited, if none at all, visual or action elements. Good thing is we now see real progress.

We finally see a browser game that lives up to the category of MMORPG and mark as an epic in the industry as its name implies. Its name is Grand Epic Online PH. Grand Epic Online (GEO) PH is an innovative 2.5D browser MMORPG presented by RUNUP Information Technology Corp. With an accurate depiction of Chinese fairyland, Grand Epic Online PH is able to deliver the best gaming experience via its interactive story quests where Chinese beliefs such as natural harmony, true love, personal sacrifice & collective interest were told.

In addition to the richness of Chinese culture, Grand Epic Online PH also introduces multiple unprecedented features to enhance gameplay, such as quest auto-navigation, pet raising and mounting system, polymorphic transformation and etc. Instead of the traditional turn-based combat mode found in many other browser-based MMORPG, Grand Epic Online PH incorporates a highly realistic and powerful real-time combat mode. With a series of hotkeys, you can control your own avatar in the game with ease and battle against your enemy in real time! Furthermore, there are many other exciting features waiting for you to explore. As the name implies, Grand Epic Online PH will offer you an enjoyable journey to seek the best of yourselves.


This MMORPG introduces real-time action combat with the technical breakthrough of providing in-game auto-fighting system. This allows you to continuously level up when you want to take a break from the fun level grind.

The rule of survival in Grand Epic Online is to build the strongest character. Character will have an immortal body after all eight meridians are open. Oriental philosophic concepts are being used to provide various ways to enhance the character power, such as reincarnation, dual immortal practice, and enlightenment, each offering a specific way of self-strengthening. This is a real fun keeper, because it offers almost unlimited chances of power growth.

Shapeshifting is also one highly innovative feature in Grand Epic Online, unprecedented in any previous works. Transforming into different monsters will give the player different bonus attribute enhancements as well as a disguise when fighting players in PK.

Various pets and mounts with many capabilities and functions are customized for different players. Pets have different powerful attack skills which can be of great assistance in fighting monsters. Now let's go ride dragons and roam the world!

Register now by clicking this link: geo.runup.com.ph. No download required! (You can also login from foreign accounts using the social networks: Facebook, Friendster, Yahoo, Google, MSN, LetsMMO.)

OB launching is already next week. Special game events is already prepared for players so please keep in touch on our website for the exact date and time. You can also join our FB fan page at http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=151545854913859# for more fun and excitement!



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