June 30, 2011

Cabal Maquinas Outpost

This place is hard. Very hard. You are going to get a nasty surprise if you go in there unprepared. I have seen several people make some very confident claims on the forum, about how quickly they will finish it, and I am very curious indeed to see if anyone has what it will take to back those claims up (no problem in the cheat-infested Cabal PH, I suppose).

The last dungeon that this one can be compared to is the Forgotten Temple B2F. The Forbidden Island, Altar of Siena, Radiant Hall... They have nothing on this place. You might think that I am exaggerating now, but you will see. You enter behind the now non-aggressive Pluma, and that’s about the last non-aggressive part of the dungeon.

Visually, the dungeon is impressive. It takes the general feel of Pontus Ferrum, on which it is based, and gives it a cleaner, tighter feel. The interior of the dungeon looks good, to put it in simple terms. I especially like the design of certain gates in there, for some reason. The bosses unique to Maquinas Outpost are quite cool - you might get plenty of time to admire them while your character studies the ground face-first.

Then again, perhaps you might not have as much time. You see, the dungeon uses a completely new game mechanic, where you start with a very small amount of time. Kill certain mobs, and you get a couple of seconds extra. Kill the wrong mobs, and you lose time. Kill a boss, and you get a couple of minutes worth of breathing room. To describe the dungeon as ‘fast-paced’ is rather accurate. You will have to be fast. You will have to hit hard, and you will have to be able to take those hard hits as well ;-) The bosses are not the only hard-hitting enemies in there, after all.

The dungeon layout is going to be confusing, at least at the start. There are multiple warp points, moving you from one zone to the next as you fight your way into the lair of the metal clan. The dungeon story also makes good use of the lore of the game, and I think it should be done like this more often.

The dungeon is short, compared to others (especially the epic-length Radiant Hall) but it is going to test you. And with the excellent Drei Frame pieces as a possible reward, not to mention the Drei Frame Epaulets, well... Players wanted a challenge for a while already. I think Maquinas Outpost delivers solidly on this.

Dungeon Run by the Cabal EU GMs

Credits: Cabal EU

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