June 30, 2011

Latest Cabal 2 Screenshots

Those who are waiting for new revelation of Cabal 2 finally get something new today. Although no gameplay details or beta news, 3 new screenshots is still a nice update from the developer ESTSoft.

Using CryEngine3, Cabal 2 features eye-catching graphics and cutting-edge stylish action. Cabal 2 is a story-based MMORPG and offers gamers rich scenarios and what's more, according to the official introduction, the game has an actual scenario ending.

Cabal 2 evolutionizes the original game's combat system with better actions, combos, and monster AI. Besides, different character classes boast their own storyline and unique development route, and you will experience more interesting gameplay when leveling up, instead of doing typical hunting and rooting.

Cabal 2 plans to conduct beta testing in Korea in 2011. So far, the game has announced its 6 classes and the back story.

Credits: MMOsite

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