June 30, 2011

Dragon Nest NA Open Beta on July 26

It's the time for Dragon Nest to recruit more warriors into the dangerous instances! Revealed at the Dragon Nest(NA) official site, the game will enter open beta on July 26. If you haven't got an account, what are you waiting for, just head over the Dragon Nest website and register for the upcoming adventure.

The open beta will be available for players live in United States, Canada and Australia. However, Nexon hasn't announced the new contents for OBT, but normally, there will be new level cap, new dungeons, and new weapon/armors, and things like that.

Dragon Nest just ran a 5-day closed beta in mid-June and will step into OBT. It seems that Nexon's long time preparation for the game does help to ensure the quality. There are still bugs, as the developer reveals in the CBT recap, but they are striving to make the game even better with the help of community feedback.

Credits: MMOsite

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