July 21, 2011

Dragona PH CBT Scheduled on July 28

We are pleased to inform you that Dragona PH will have its Pre-Beta Test (CBT) on the 28th of July, 2011. All beta testers can now register an account at our official website - http://dragona.ph.gameclub.com

All accounts registered on our official site will be your permanent account which can be used for Pre-beta and all other phases. Download links will be provided for our Game client soon, so stay tuned!

More Pre-beta details below.

1. Pre-beta Details
Start: July 28, 2011
End: August 17, 2011
Level Cap: 40
Characters Available: All(Gunner, Sniper, Guardian, Assassin, Ranger, Magician, Shaman, and Scout)
IP Block: None

2. Pre-Beta Events
a. The Bug Hunt - Open to all Pre-beta participants. An event that focuses on finding bugs/glitches on all UI, game functions, features, etc...
b. Champions of Bartan - Top 10 players (per server) at the end of the Pre-beta phase.
c. The Amazing Race - First 100 players to reach Level 35.
d. An Epic Voyage - The player who has achieved the highest level at the end of the Pre-beta phase wins. 1 winner per server. If 2 more or more players have the same level, winner will be based on the EXP gained, then PVP Points (points).

Note: Event details will be posted soon.

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