August 18, 2011

Street Fighter x Tekken Welcomes Kuma, Hugo, More

GamesCom 2011: New trailer for crossover fighter details new battle systems, expands roster with looks at aforementioned goliaths, speedy ninjas Raven and Ibuki.

Few of the potential matchups offered by a Street Fighter-Tekken crossover are as patently obvious as lifelong bear wrestler Zangief versus lifelong bear Kuma. Capcom is halfway to making that dream match a reality, as the publisher today released a new trailer for Street Fighter x Tekken, featuring gameplay of a handful of newly confirmed characters, including Kuma himself.

Sporting his bright red bandana, Kuma enters the fray on the Tekken side of the roster alongside the sunglasses-clad ninja Raven. Balancing things out on the Capcom side of the roster are a pair of Street Fighter III veterans in the lithe ninja Ibuki and the mammoth man-mountain Hugo.

The trailer also goes into the game's new fighting systems, including the various ways to tag characters in and out, often times midcombo. The clip also shows off chain combos similar to those of the Darkstalkers series, as well as tag team Cross Art super moves. Finally, the trailer shows off the Cross Assault feature, which allows for a player to call in both members of a tag team to swarm an opponent for a limited time.

Street Fighter x Tekken is expected to launch for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Vita next year.

Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer

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