September 13, 2011

Goodbye Dragonica PH, Hello Dragonica SEA

After only a year since its commercial launch, Dragonica PH bids farewell.

If you ever come across Dragonica PH’s website, all the other content has been blocked out/hidden/restricted except for one thing: a painstakingly-long announcement that might not come as a shock to anyone. I figured that after Dragonica KR's early exit, the local server would follow suit.

Below is what I call their formal goodbye without actually answering any question/issue.


It has been more than a year now since we met each other at that quaint port town of Odellia. The early morning sun gleamed gloriously that day, while the breeze blew gently and warmed our sea-parched skins.

We wandered around the town charmed by its dainty houses and fancy brick roads. The townspeople greeted us amiably – the old woman tending her flowers, the guards who stood pat at their ground, the big blue cat with a megaphone, the traders, the blacksmith, that old man by the bridge.

A desperate plea from the town chief to save his daughter from wolves pressed us to action and thus our grand adventure began. With our swords, staves, claws, and bows, we overcame waves of stumps, sheep, and orcs until we reached the enchanted Port of Winds.

It is through our stay in that magical town that we were able to learn more about the great quest that we were about to undertake. It was up to us to stop an all-powerful witch from liberating an ancient evil whose black heart reeks of vengeance and wickedness.

After clearing out the dangers that lurked beneath the Port of Winds, we ventured through the beaches and caves and found ourselves at the fiery gates of Valid Raeth. Together we defeated the Magma Drake Lavalon.

Soon we stormed through the pine tree forest and fought the corrupted wizard Mutisha and his powerful golem Aram. Count Van Cliff and his ghastly pet dragon would later block our path. The perils we faced grew bigger and harder as we journeyed across the barren forests and freezing plains.

We called upon each other for strength to overcome these obstacles, happily sharing the spoils from each victory. Together we found those rare weapons and armors that made us better in carrying out our quest. We laughed at danger, we cried over defeat. We celebrated our triumph and friendship against the odds.

However, just like everything else, all good things must end.

It was decided that Dragonica PH would be merged with Dragonica SEA. This does not mean that your Dragonica adventure will now end. This only signals a new chapter in your journey, as you will meet new friends and face bigger and tougher challenges in your quest to stop the evil dragon Elga from wreaking havoc again.

The Dragonica PH servers will close this Friday, September 16, at 12 noon.

Meanwhile, the Dragonica Migration Page will be up tomorrow, Tuesday, September 13 and will close on September 21. All compensation packages will be the inserted after the DGN Migration Page is closed.

Those who intend to migrate to Dragonica SEA will receive this compensation package:

* 10,000 Cash Point
* 1-hour Exp Potion x10
* Gold Boost Potion x10
* HP Potion (Large)

However, players who wish to have their account migrated to RAN or Cabal will receive the following compensation:

Cabal compensation

* 30D Level Booster
* 30D Blessing Bead Plus
* 30D Traditional German Suit (costume)
* 30D Astral Board X Green
* Life Capsule (Lv 2) Type B [999ea] x5
* MP Potion (Lv 2) [999ea] x5
* 30D Return Core

RAN compensation

* 1D Ultima Rosary (non-drop) x7
* Novice Kit
* 30D Hera Wing Costume (30D)
* Husky Pet
* Advanced Feed (100%) x5
* 30D Pet Costume

The RAN/Cabal compensation packages will be ready on or before October 3. On the other hand, the Dragonica SEA compensation package will be ready by October 9.

Requirements for migration program:

Dragonica SEA compensation

• Must have one (1) Level 50 and above character in either realm (Wyvern and Hydra) as of September 5.
• Must have at least one (1) character in Dragonica SEA server account.
• Choose to which Dragonica SEA server character you want the compensation package be sent to.

RAN/Cabal compensation

• Any account created as of July 11.

Conversion will now be closed and all cash shop items will be reduced to 10 cash.

Slayers, we hope that the friendships forged by our adventure will endure. See you all again as we take on new chapter in our unending quest.

Migrate and have a compensation package? Typical E-games.

Instead of reading the flowery words in Dragonica PH’s goodbye letter, here’s something to think about instead.

This would not have happened had E-Games left Dragonica in the care of IAHGames. There’s a reason why IAHGames’ Dragonica is indicated as the “SEA server.” It covers the whole Southeast Asia, and that includes the Philippines. Dragonica SEA never imposed an IP block for the Philippines when Dragonica PH servers were opened up.

Was there really a need for E-Games to acquire Dragonica? No.

Yes yes, I do sound like I’m antagonizing E-Games. And no, I’m not a Level Up! Games junkie. Both game publishers have their own accolades and failures. I’m just saying that this would’ve been handled better if Dragonica just had the SEA server in the first place.

Anyway, there you have it. Dragonica PH is waving goodbye in a few days.

To Dragonica SEA players, please welcome the PH players with open arms.

Credits: Dragonica PH,
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  1. can you pls..""OPEN THE MIGRATION TIME"" that i can merge my character....from dgn ph..and teach me how to migrate...just add me in facebook pls...LEOCHON CASTILLO...i really miss my character...pls pls pls pls......can you??????