September 13, 2011

Guide: Cabal Maquinas Outpost

This is another long overdue dungeon guide for Cabal Online's recently added dungeon, Maquinas Outpost. For those who have read the article and watched the Cabal EU's dungeon run, it has been said that this is just as tough as Forgotten Temple B2F.

I'd say it all depends on your party and piloting skills (like a pack of level 170+). NO BOTS! Don't brag if you're using bot!

Unit Production Factory

On the left side of the dungeon’s start, there is Unit Production Factory Move Console.
Click the console to move and remove MA-06B Reformo Quadra.

Monsters will appear while attacking MA-06B Reformo Quadra. From this moment, the timer decreases periodically so remove all monsters quickly. The time limit increases when the monsters are removed. Then break a box, go forward, and remove more monsters. Then a sealed place will open. Enter that place and as you venture forward, you will face MA-07 Directo Quadrupes, which has to be removed also.

Transmission Area Disk will drop from the boss. Pick it up and move to the next area. The time limit also increases when monsters are removed here.

Information Center

Move to the Center Hall.
Find Information Center Move Console and click it to go there. Then click Information Center Control Console to open a door and enter. Monsters will be there. Removing the front ones will give you more time. Another door will open. Go in and there will be three DB consoles. Click the middle one. After it’s clicked, TA-01b Infinitas Rota will appear.

Either Capella Secret Disk or Procyon Secret Disk will be dropped when this Rota is removed.

At this area, the console on the left is Procyon DB Console, and on the right is Capella DB Console.

Click the console that matches the picked-up disk. This will send you back to the entrance of Information Center. From here, click Command Module Transmission Console. A door will open and monsters will come out. This time, ignore these. Your timer will decrease when you remove these ones. Find a breakable wall, break it, and go inside. Click Center Hall Move Console there.

ARM-05 Arma Audibit will appear. Remove it and open the box.

After removing this boss, proceed with the Secret Disk quest. It doesn’t matter whether you do the quest before or after the boss removal.

The left console is Capella and the right one is Procyon. You must click the check line twice to complete the quest. After completing the Nation Information Transmission quest by clicking the check line twice, click Center Hall Move Console to go back there.


Find Laboratory Move Console in Center Hall and move to Laboratory. Then click Unit Modification Laboratory Access Console to unseal a closed area. Remove monsters that appear there and this will increase your timer and open another sealed area. Ignore the monsters from the next area (the center of Laboratory), because they will decrease the timer. Remove UMD-01R Replicaum and UMD-02R Replicaum. Then pick up Organism Experimentation Area Access Disk and go back to the entrance of Laboratory.

Click Organism Laboratory Access Console. A door will open when you remove monsters that appear from clicking the console. There are seven consoles inside. Choosing the correct option will grant you more time.

For Console 1, select “Let’s Pass”.
For Console 2, select “Turn off Console’s Power Device”.
For Console 3, select “Destroy the Console”.
For Console 4, select “Turn off Console’s Power Device”.
For Console 5, select “Destroy the Console”.
For Console 6, select “Let’s Pass”.
For Console 7, select “Activate the Console normally”.

Remove the monsters that appear after pressing a Console here. A door will open. Remove ARM-04 Hyper Trikrus. A warning message will appear and so will another boss, UMD-03B Perfectio Pluma.

When the Pluma is removed, a door will open. Go in and then remove another boss, FPTA-01 Kustodi Flight.

Pick up Mainframe Access Disk from this boss and run back to Laboratory entrance. Click Center Hall Move Console to return there. Then move to Mainframe after clicking Mainframe Move Console there.


After arriving at Mainframe, break the electric wall. Then UMD-04 Fuse Digitorum will appear.

After removing this Digitorum, click Mainframe Console far inside the area. There will be three bosses that will appear successively. The first one is MF-01 Eins Frame.

The second one is MF-02 Zwei Frame. Beware of its stun attacks.

The final boss is MF-03 Drei Frame. It looks angry with its red face. Especially be careful.

Have you removed the third one? Break the box. Then end the dungeon by clicking Mainframe Console.

Congratulations! You have another achievement in Cabal Online!

For those who are curious to know what rewards you'll be able to loot inside Maquinas Outpost, click here to find out!

Credits: Chippo of Cabal US

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