September 12, 2011

Team Mineski Crowned TGX 2011 Champs!

It’s over. The Malaysians were unseated by a surprising winner. After two days of grueling competition, TGX 2011 has crowned a champion. Facing stiff competition from regional powerhouses, Mineski Infinity, arguably the underdogs of this competition, have risen to the challenge to take home the grand prize of 3,000 SGD ($2,500) and the title of TGX 2011 champions.

Last year’s champions Starsboba were unable to defend the title as they exited from the competition early. However, that did not stop the other competitors from putting up amazing performances. The Grand Finals was no surprise - Orange eSports, the team which put up a spectacular fight against Starsboba the previous day were back with a vengeance and the team from the Philippines, Mineski, were in it for the win as well.

TGX finally ended after 3 days of fun and excitements. Philippines returned home as overall Champion country with their SC2 and DotA representatives each winning a gold for their country. During the TGX regional finals,they did not disappoint their fans that have been loyally supporting Mineski. The dedicated members from their contingent, team Mineski defeated team OrangeEsports in the DotA finals and Mineski Enderr defeated RedArchon in SC2 had brought their country and them the greater glory in TGX 2011. Congratulations to them for becoming the overall champion. The congratulations also extend to every other winners for the various tournaments in TGX 2011.

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