October 25, 2011

Philippine Ragnarok Online Continues to Rok On with El Dicastes

The long wait has finally ended! The Episode 24 : El Dicastes patch will soon be served to all players of Philippine Ragnarok Online come October 27, 2011. No idea about this coming new patch? Well, there are a lot of stuff to look forward to like the other episodes that’s been released so far such as new items, monsters, quests.

In the east, there lies a city like no other. Blanketed in perpetual snow and surrounded by giant shards of sharp ice, the capital city of the Sapha tribe offers lots of opportunities for adventure...if you can survive it!

Welcome to the CITY OF DICASTES.


• Monster

• Items

• Quest:
         Cat Merchant NPC
         Frede's Quest
         Secret Orders OF Doha
         To El Dicastes
         Triple Phase Hidden Socket Enchant
         Hunting Department 1-Laponte
         Hunting Department 2-Kalipo
         Supply Department 1-Pura
         Supply Department 2-tragis
         Transpo Department 1-Calyon
         Transpo Department 2-Moltuka
         Cat Paw Agents
         Rise of Wise King

Credits: http://ragnarok.levelupgames.ph/, http://www.gamearenaph.com
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