October 25, 2011

Level Up Games Adds Lucent Heart to Game Roster

Level Up! Global Games (LU/GG) is proud to announce its partnership with Beanfun! to bring you Lucent Heart and Beanpoints to the Philippines. You can now use your Level Up! credits to purchase Beanpoints that you can use to shop for awesome items in Lucent Heart, as well as the new games that will be released under the Beanfun portal.

Just log in your My Level Up! account, load it up with Level Up! credits and convert it to Beanpoints under the Buy LU/GG e-Pins option. You can buy 1,000 Beanpoints with 45 LU Credits, 2,000 Beanpoints with 90 LU Credits, 7,000 Beanpoints with 315 LU Credits and 11,000 Beanpoints with 495 LU Credits.

Lucent Heart is Beanfun!’s latest anime-inspired MMORPG. Based on the lore of the zodiac, users can create characters based under the 12 zodiac signs and have their daily horoscopes affect their status in the game. Players can also try their luck to find their soul mates in-game and go on a fun adventure together! Your destiny awaits!

Purchase Level Up! prepaid cards and e-pins to load up your Lucent Heart game account account today!

Credits: http://www.levelupgames.ph
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