October 22, 2011

Cabal Expansion Part IV : Saint's Requiem

Cabal's latest update, entitled Saint's Requiem showcases a new weapon named Saint's Force Calibur, a new map called Saint's Island, Bike Option Granting System and NEW Quests! It also boasts of a user friendly system which every Cabal player would enjoy.

Saint’s Forcecalibur

Saint’s Forcecalibur, which has been hidden and dormant in the dark lakes of lakeside, is now awakening!

New Weapon – ‘Saint’s Forcecalibur’

When Mephistopheles “The Lord of Destruction” was sealed by Saint Valentine, a part of a powerful force has escaped and condensed into Saint’s Forcecalibur. Anyone who harnesses the power of this weapon will be unmatched.

- Only one player per server may acquire and use Saint’s Forcecalibur.
- When the battle starts, Vaikalitan of Golden Sunset summons Tilagans and Gruvandas cyclically.
- Multiple numbers of cores and buff potions will be dropped when killing Tilagan or Gruvanda.
Image of Saint’s Forcecalibur

Saint’s Island

Middle area of Lakeside


Bike Option Granting System

Bonus option is able to be granted to Astral Bikes. Make your bike more powerful with the new bike option granting system!
  • Bike Option Granting System is Added
  • Bike Related Items Change
  • - Existing Bike Kit Items are Switched to:

  • To get Bike Option Scrolls
  • - Enable to obtain by extracting from boards or bikes.- Types of Option Scroll depending on extracted items:

  • Santa’s Sleigh/Unique Boards acquired by drop are not possible to extract
  • Material Core (Bike) can be sold to NPC for 5,000,000 Alz
 [Astral Board Card Extraction]

[Astral Bikecard – Type: Blue Extraction]

[Astral Bikecard – Type: RW3 Extraction]

  • To Get Bike Option Scrolls
  • - Enable to obtain by extracting from boards or bikes- Types of Option Scroll depending on extracted items

  • Santa’s Sleigh/Unique Boards acquired by drop are not possible to extract
  • Material Core(Bike) can sell to NPC for 5,000,000 Alz
  • Applying Options to Item
  • - Item, Force Core, Option Scroll, and a certain amount of Alz is needed when you visit the Core Alchemist NPC.- Rate of success will differ by the number of Item Slot, Force Core, Item upgrade level
  • To Extend Slot of Bikes
  • - It’s possible to extend slots with Slot Extenders and the slot-extended bikes will be bound to the account.- Bikes that have no slot can be transformed by using Level 8 Formula Card, sold by the Core Alchemist Soyoung at Fort. Ruina.

  • Epic Bike
  • - Epic Bike can be crafted with temporary craft formula cards only.- Craft success rate is 100%, and the result comes out randomly from Lv. 1 to Lv. 3. - Formula cards are dropped by Tilagan or Gruvanda summoned by Vaikalitan of Golden Sunset
    - Types of Epic Bike and materials needed

Item Option Change + NEW Quests

Armor Set Options are improved and NEW quests are added.
  • Armor Set Options and Blended Rune Trigger System Change
  • Armor Set Options Change
  • - Some of the Armor Set Options have been are improved

  • Trigger of Blended Rune’s Effect Change
  • - Before Change: Only selected Blended Rune could be operated
    - After Change: Multiple numbers of registered Blended Rune can be operated at once if it meets the requirements.

  • NEW Quests are Added
  • NEW Normal Quests
  • - Quest ‘Another Way to Break The Seal’ has been added

  • - Additional Information
  • The quest can be completed once in a day.
  • All items related to the quest are character bound.
  • Quest item is dropped with 100% rate when killing Mergaheph.
  • Ring of Evil Spirit can be crafted with the quest rewards.
  • Characters that have already finished the ‘Mergaheph’s Power Sealed Within’ quest cannot obtain an extra Ring of Mergaheph whether they finished the quest ‘Another Way To Break The Seal’ or not.
  • - Quest to introduce Saint’s Forcecalibur has been added

User Friendly System

Cabal’s usability has been improved greatly to ensure a more enjoyable play! Check out the new details and take advantage of it!
  • Limit of Stack Item Change
  • Maximum number of item stacks has changed as below

  • Item Stack System Change
  • - If you try to combine 2 item stacks together and each stack is less than the maximum stack quantity. Then the maximum stack will fill while you hold the remainder.EX) Potion 48ea + Potion 5ea = Potion 50ea + Potion 3ea (holding) - If you try to combine 2 item stacks together and one of them is at maximum. The location of the stacks will be switched.
    EX) Potion 50ea + Potion 5ea = The item location will be switched to each other’s place in your inventory
    - System changes above will not apply if you try to stack an item from the warehouse to your inventory and vice versa.
  • NEW option ‘Allow Item Stack by Shift + LeftClick’ is added on the Game tab > Others
  • - Once you have enabled the option, by Shift + Left clicking, you can combine similar stacked items together if the total quantity of the items are less than the maximum allowed stack number.
  • Mail System Changes
  • ‘Send Email’ Alert Window Change
  • - Level, battle style, character name of recipient is displayed in the window.

  • ‘Delete All’ button is Added
  • - By clicking ‘Delete All’ button, you can delete all mails with no attachments.

  • Other Changes of Design and Funcions
  • Community related function is added in the Character Menu
  • - Character Menu: Write Mail, Guild Invitation function is added

- Chat window character menu: Guild Invitation function is added

Community related function is added in the Character Menu

  • Tool Tip Design of Item and Skill Change
  • - Tool tip design of items and skills are changed to check item/skill information easier.

  • Display Format of Title Change
  • - Description of certain titles have changed.

  • ‘Ring of Evil Spirit’ Can be Crafted
  • - ‘Ring of Evil Spirit’ can be crafted

  • Added Cash Shop in NPC Shop
  • - Able to purchase cash items from NPCs in town

Credits: Cabal PH
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