October 18, 2011

ShowTime - The Newest Musical Sensation

Experience the 3D Social Platform of singing, dancing, chatting, and living a second life in one stimulating game, SHOWTIME! Close-Beta starts on 20th of October, 2011.
ShowTime is a networking platform where you can connect with hundreds of friends online. It is a social game that features unique a idol and fan system, audience interaction system, dance with voice system, humming system, and a team PK system. In ShowTime, anything is possible; the choice is yours to make it happen!

Experience the perfect combination of singing & dancing in ShowTime!
Smart intonation system
In this music game, ShowTime provides a professional "intonation evaluation system". It evaluates your intonation through singing on the microphone and simultaneously makes your character dance.
Unique Keyboard Singing System

One exceptional feature in ShowTime is the "unique keyboard singing system". This function emphasizes singing through the use of keyboard. It allows a player to sing through the microphone mode and another player using the keyboard function, to engage on the team PK mode. While singing, a player can also create his own Music Video through captured and close-up dance movements.
4 In 1 The Ultimate Temptation Of Entertainment
You can sing (enjoy an exceptional KTV services)
 ShowTime brings in the latest and hottest songs today. It's not just about the number of songs, but the quality of songs. Experience the revolutionary KTV services which enclose music accompaniments, vocal accompaniment, training, spinning, and recording features. From singing to recording your own Music Videos, ShowTime is absolutely the innovation of a one-of-a-kind online music game.

You can dance (a unique system that uses your voice to control the way you dance)
For some, music game is made for singing, but not here in ShowTime! The new system "use your voice to control your dance" will let players feel the possibility of singing and dancing in one perfect combination. ShowTime makes anything possible, sing at the top of your voice while you get the stage burning as you dance your moves!

You can create room (3D technical support)

ShowTime is equipped with trendy virtual image of walking, singing, dancing, and interaction movements, especially when a player creates a room. All players inside the room can walk around, sit down, and walk frontward on screen to take photo. It is supported by 3D engine technology to demonstrate an actual KTV environment.

You can interact with others (Interactive Music Game)

ShowTime is an Interactive Music Online Game. It has a wide connectivity where players can engage on the guild system, idol & fans system, audience system, and etc. Players can be an idol or be other's fans, players can also chose to perform as solo star or compete with other players on stage. For audience, they can evaluate people's performances and give flowers, smashed eggs, group interference, and other props to the performers.

With the special online game theme, innovative system, blast wave of interactive entertainment, self-assertive personality. ShowTime will help players in reaching the maximum height of music online game.

Credits: http://feature.mmosite.com/
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