October 18, 2011

STEPS Evolution: Sneak Peak at Future KPOP Songs

If the MUSIC COMPOSE SYSTEM is not enough for you then check out what's in store for STEPS evolution future jukebox!

STEPS Evolution is a music simulation game popularly known for it's wonderful song updates from the latest hit songs of Korea, China and Japan to the songs that made the international market on trance! However due to the recent system updates that we put in our lovely server. We temporarily turned the "song updating operation" to low priority list.

But the time has come to once again refresh the musics that makes our server much livelier than ever and today we will give you a sneak peek on whats in store for us and what are we planning to put in the next song update D-day! Lets start with the Hallyu (Korean Wave) or KPOP songs since majority of the songs in our "Hit list" are from South Korea.

WARNING: This blogpost contains excessive KPOP. Read at your own risk.

Say hello to SUPER JUNIOR's (SUJU) Mr.Simple. Because you're naughty naughty we are giving away this song for your disposal.

This uber catchy and popular electro-pop will surely electrify your fingers. Is this a chain song or not? It's for you to find out!

Since STEPS Evolution is the BEST online music game especially when it comes to song updates! We are giving you 2NE1's (2NE1) I'm the BEST (Naega Jeil Jallaga).

Prove that you are the best dancer in town by playing this music soon and make your opponents goes BAM RATATATA!

Once you go MBLAQ there is no going BLAQ!, Take a look at MBLAQ's (MBLAQ) Mona Lisa, no words can express your joy of dancing to this song but a smile particularly you will showcase a smile similar to Mona Lisa. Leonardo Da Vinci must be happy right now.

Mona Lisa boasts melodies from guitars harmonized with electronic sounds just like the music from your old Mexican flicks. Which is probably the groups trademark. This one is my personal favorite here so i better say BABY SAY YES, BABY SAY YES.

But if a little bit of retro suits your musical needs, then T-Ara's (T-ARA) "Rolly Polly" is just right for you! Packed with it's catchy lyrics and bubbly melody. This song will surely unleash the John Travolta inside and you will dance like you're dancing in a Saturday night fever disco! Now repeat after me: Rolly polly rolly rolly polly...

Wanna go Solo? Here is a solo song for you. HyunA's BUBBLE POP is the right one in case you're tired of hearing groups singing in the background!

This candy pop-themed bubbly music will definitely give you a refreshing summer feel and an LSS (Last Song Syndrome).

That's only 5 out of 28 and so songs that Cubizone is going to put. Normal Mode or Rhythm?

Credits: http://stepsph.blogspot.com
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