October 14, 2011

Game Of Nerds: A Game Worthy For All Geeks and Nerds

Another game hit the cyberworld by storm. Game of Nerds at http://gameofnerds.com has been passed from wall to wall in Facebook at the moment. Game Of Nerds is a quiz type of game which enables you to use your brains in answering general information questions in different areas of expertise. You can take quizzes on astronomy, biology, math, chemistry and physics using this game application. You will definitely enjoy the format as you try to gain friends and outrank them.

The game, titled GAME OF NERDS (www.gameofnerds.com), is basically a quiz game – but not one of those simple ‘answer 10 questions and get your score’ internet games. GAME OF NERDS is designed as an intense, immersive real-time quiz experience where you compete against your friends and the world.

1 - Each round you get to pick from 3 of the game’s 15 categories.
2 - Pick the right answer as quickly as possible and defeat your friends.
3 - While playing, your team of friends will help you out if you’re stuck.
4 - Answering correctly adds points and builds streaks that award extra time.
5 - The main menu.
6 - Before playing, build a custom team of friends that complements your own weaknesses.

GAME OF NERDS is intended as a celebration of geekdom and a way to finally use all that special knowledge that you’ve built up throughout your life as a nerd, but which mainstream quiz games don’t care about. There are lots of other features, too - for example, you can create your own questions which other players will be confronted with and earn prizes doing so. Also, as you play GAME OF NERDS, the game will profile you and tell you what kind of nerd you are.

I’m pretty happy about how the project has turned out, and now I just need a bunch of people to come over and play the game that I’ve spent the last year developing. Hope some of you guys will find it interesting:

Credits: http://www.bizarrebytes.com, http://www.thescienceforum.com
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  1. This sounds interesting, I check this out on FB.