October 10, 2011

Dragon Nest PVP Ghoul Mode Basic Guide

In Ghoul Mode, you can play as ghouls or humans in this special player vs. player match. And unlike the other PvP matches, you don't need to worry about level, equipment, or classes balance because in Dragon Nest's ghoul mode, you only need player skill and teamwork.

If a human killed by ghouls, he'll turn to ghoul and join the ghoul side. Humans can choose from two types of special weapons: Linear weapon or Parabolic weapon. Linear weapon shoots the target in a straight line manner, while parabolic weapon throws a projectile in a parabolic fashion. It seems that players will drop items when they are killed and you can see explosive on the ground in the video.

How to enter PVP Ghoul Mode?
1. At first, you need to have your own character.
2. Go to PVP channel by clicking on the channel change.
3. Go in to the PVP room.
4. Create a PVP room with Ghould Mode now.

5. There is only one map for Ghoul Mode PVP, once all people are ready, then click GO. You can edit round, and number of players.

Ghoul Mode Rules/ Winning or Losing Requirements

Requirement to enter ghould mode
There is no requirement, as long as you can enter the PVP channel, you can play ghoul mode.

Game Start
When all players go inside the game, all people are human. The game will start
count down 10 seconds, random number of players inside the game will become

*Usually the number of zombie will be lesser than human.

Game rules
Number of players: 1v1 also can play, same with other PVP mode.
Game mode: Round Mode

How to win? Why you lose?
Winning requirements:
1. For example each round is 3 minutes, as long as one human survive in this
time range, Human win.
2. Kill all the zombies.

Losing requirements:
1. All human players become zombie, human lose.

Winning requirements:
1. Within 3 minutes kill all the humans, zombie will win.
Losing requirements:
1. Within 3 minutes still got at least one human survive, zombie lose.
2. All zombie is killed by human, zombie lose.

Ghoul Mode Human Weapons

Elastic Arrow : Basic weapon of all human players that use to normal attack the zombie.

Boom : Ranger far, AOE not bad use to bomb zombie.

Stone: Use stone to hit the zombie head, the zombie will be silence for a while, become idiot.

Snow Ball: Use snowball to hit zombie, zombie will get freeze.

Poison Gas : Throw the poison gas on zombie, zombie movement speed will be slow.

Super Boom : Very high damage, killing weapon for zombie.

HolyWater : Throw holy water on zombie, zombie will turn back to human.

Hammer : Throw on zombie, zombie will faint, canot move fo a while.

Zombie Type and Attack skills
Common zombie skills
1. Rushing Bite
Jump and hug forward and bite the human 3 times.

2.Small Jump
Small jump and bite human 1 time.

Common zombie special skill
1. Big jump
Jump to the air and hug the human and bite him.

Fire zombie
1. Self explode
RUsh towards the human and self explode. Arh~~~~

Ice zombie
1. Ice shooting
Same like the boss in death forest, shoot you ice and freeze you.

Poision Zombie
1.Poision Gas
Reduce your movement speed.

2. Slide
Slide the land like paladin and bite the enemies.

Zombie King
Zombie King got all the skills of small zombie and his HP and Attack is crazy.

Zombie game is some sort like whole bunch of crazy guys raping some cute innocent girls.

Credits: http://dragonnestblog.com
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