October 10, 2011

Dragon Nest SEA: Saint Haven Arrives On Oct. 18

Sick of doing Boundary of Jealousy again and again? Sick of farming Sanctuary Core for rough agates? Good news guys! The level cap is finally going to be raised on 18 October, together with the release of Saint Heaven.

Shanda Games, the publisher of the South East Asian service of Dragon Nest, has announced that the new region of Saint Haven will be arriving on October 18.

The game’s level cap will be risen to 32 and Saint Haven will be accessible to players at the current level cap of 24 or higher. New skills can of course be unlocked as you level up towards the new cap.

The North American service of Dragon Nest published by Nexon America received its Saint Haven update in late September.

Credits: http://dragonnestblog.com, http://msupdate.wordpress.com
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