November 19, 2011

Happy iDate Holidays!

We Filipinos are so excited about Christmas Celebrations, that’s why many of us as early as September sets their calendar and starts their own countdowns for this big event. Some are beginning to look for Christmas ornaments, lanterns, any accessories that are connected to this event. Others are eyeing for good clothes and nice pair of shoes for their Christmas party. In iDate, players are also like that, most players starting to post threads about Christmas Patch, their suggestion and expectations with it.

Last year we had a Christmas themed club, and there stands a big Christmas tree. We also released santa suit items along with the Santa gloves, santa hats, and santa bags. Aside from that we also have a reindeer set costume and Christmas pets such us tiny Santa Clause, Rudolf and penguin which truly brings the Christmas spirit inside the game.

This year, new set items and limited edition Christmas Lotto will be available in the Item shop. And as a gift for the iDaters the old Christmas Items will be released again at discounted prices.

In real life, what makes Christmas is the “simbang gabi” people wake up at 4am from December 16 to 24 to make it to the church and complete the 9 days. While in iDate, what makes Christmas is the “12 days Christmas booster time” wherein players make it to the point to go online on a specific time from December 14-25 to experience the PLUS 100% Game point and EXP Boost and complete it for 12 days. So this year, as a gift to all the iDate supporters, iDate will still be having the “12 days Christmas Booster time” , we’ll give the players more chances to reach the level cap and more chances to enjoy and boost their iDate Barkada , 'coz we’ll be setting the server to Plus 400% Game Points and EXP Boost!

Happy Leveling! See you at the game!

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