November 21, 2011

Komikon 2011 Aftermath

As promised, Princess Cow and I attended the recently concluded Komikon 2011, held at the Bayanihan Center. It was a day the two of us were looking forward to, an event we were very eager to attend.

It was a day that we were both happy to spend our money on.

So I ditched my medical books while Princess Cow ditched her post-grad class just so we could attend this glorious day for Philippine Comics.

Going there was already an adventure. Stepping into the venue is like going to an entirely new dimension.

The venue, Bayanihan Center, is big enough for the event but not for the crowd. It was packed! Komikon sure is drawing in more and more people.

First order of business? Look for the Alamat Comics and Visprint table and hunt for Skyworld: Requiem. Lo and behold, a long line of komikeros were there, holding copies of comics to be signed by their corresponding creators. I grabbed a copy of Paolo Fabregas' Filipino Heroes League (finally!). We didn't see any Skyworld comic on their table so we figured we'd check out the other comics first.

I'm still bummed that I didn't bring my Trese comics for Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo to sign and that the shirts were way over my budget.

We mostly stayed around the Independent Komiks Tiangge, where the indie comic book writers and artists were given a chance to showcase their self-published works for comic book fans.

And this is also where we splurged to the point that we ended up counting our money to make sure that have enough to get home.

 Princess Cow bought more comics than I did (she has more money) so I really can't remember all the titles that she stuffed in my bag after every purchase. What I do recall is she bought two Norby Ela creations, "Weather-Weather Lang" and "Gutom"; two RH Quilantang masterpieces, "Porkypine Rood" and "Goodbye Rubbit"; four "School Run" comics by Macoy; and seven "Gripo Comics", "Magnum" and a free "Big Fat Ben" from the Greepo Comic group of Baguio.

Personally, it was fun to see Dr. Carlo San Juan of Callous Comics again after our encounter during the Metro Comic Con. I always like a doctor who does things outside the medical field. I bought his two books, "Chocolate Chip Wishes and Caffeine Dreams" and "Take Two Spoonfuls of the Sunny Side". His medical jokes really crack me up!

When Princess Cow went back to check on Skyworld again, the two of us got a little disappointed that Requiem is not finished yet. Marvin Ignacio said that there are still ten pages left and promised it will be done by December.

What made up for Skyworld: Requiem's unavailability is the sight of Mervin Malonzo's Tabi Po 'Zine at the Flipside table which unsurprisingly brought out Princess Cow's fangirl side (yes, she squealed with delight). She immediately grabbed a copy and had Merv sign it. The ebook editions were showcased beside the 'zine, with Amazon Kindles and Apple iPads giving a preview of the colorful art of Tabi Po (I sure wish there would be a Tabi Po Kindle or iPad raffle someday).

Even though we still wanted to buy more comics, sadly, our pockets were almost empty by the time we decided to go home. Nevertheless, we have already agreed to save up for the next Komikon event or any other comic book event in particular. The Philippine Comic Book Scene is back with a vengeance!

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  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by! It was a pleasure!
    And thanks for the kind words about Callous Comics. I'm glad you liked it!

    Good luck with med school! All I can say is no matter what, hang in there. ;)

  2. I enjoyed "Land of the Guardians" so much I just had to get more of Dr. Rianne and the guardian ducks. :)

  3. Well hey, thanks!
    Then you might enjoy the sequel, "On Lighter Dreams"! You can read it online now:
    "On Lighter Dreams":

    It'll be in print sometime in 2012 with bonus features!
    Thanks again! Enjoy! :D