December 3, 2011

Dragon Nest Force User Skill Build Guide

Force users have high damage output but seems to be more solo-friendly with skills to help support one in battle.

Darkness = Damage/Control.
Light = Defensive damage. (Less damage than Darkness, focuses on protecting you)
Time = Support allies, weaken enemies.

In terms of PVE = very good class.

In terms of PVP
One Vs. one = Take the darkness route.
Party battles = All are good, but Time is the best when used well.
If you don't want to be good at PvP = Take the light route.

This is Princess Cow's current skill build, The Dark and Time build. Based on my experience when the two of us play together, it compensates for it's slow cooldown with the high damage output. You can't spam your skills compared to the other builds out there, but is definitely handy in hurting monsters and your opponents big time.

This is currently the most popular build. The main reason behind it is that Dark skills just look cool. At the same time, it also has enough points in CC and support, making you a welcome addition to any party. This is the most popular build for Dungeon runs.

Focus points: Dark tree get Raise Gravity and Time tree unlock Time Acceleration.

Ratings: Great CCing, poor DPS, moderate survivability.

Why your teammates like you? You got abilities to control the battle field – summoning black hole to corporate with teammates' ultimate skills, using teleport to escape from death, Slow Area and Time Resurrection will help your teammates avoid damage and hit monsters precisely.

After Lv40, you have lots of choices. You can enhance your dark magic damage level, or level up time controlling skills.

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