December 10, 2011

GameCyber To Release A New Football Manager Game: Soccer Viva Online

GameCyber Technology Limited announced that they have gotten the franchise and will release a brand new football manager game entitled Soccer Viva Online.

New tactic system, live animated matches and real superstars makes this football manager game different and entirely more fun!

Manage Your Football Team Anywhere

Soccer Viva Online is a browser-based game, which you could play it at any place anytime. All you need to be a football manager is a browser that connect to the internet.

Live Football Match Replay

Unlike most of the browser-based football manager games nowadays, Soccer Viva Online won’t just replay the football match of your team with just texts, but will show you a full animated live match. The match live will show all the players’ skill and action you have arranged. People can enjoy your football team's matches with a simulated feeling of being on the very spot!

A friendly game system designed for the football fans

Most of the football web-games are very similar that their matches' system is really boring with very poor contents, so many players will easily get bored of it. Soccer Viva Online have more than 10 kinds of systems designed for the football fans, including different kinds of championships and matches, and a very special
football player incubation system with card game elements. Players will find many exciting game features.

Real football players’ data

Soccer Viva Online have most of the real football players of any generation in the game. You can try to make your star soccer team with all your favorite football players of all time in the game!

Soccer Viva Online have recently launched its Closed Beta Test, you can check out their website and Facebook page for more updates!

Soccer Viva Online website:

Soccer Viva Online Facebook Page:

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