December 12, 2011

Dragon Nest SEA Raises Level Cap to 40

Fret no more, citizens of Lagendia! We will no longer be stuck at level 32 because our much-awaited level cap increase is finally here! There will be loads of new skills, items, equips, nests and other improvements that will make you want more of the world of Lagendia!

Tomorrow, we begin the race to Level 40 in Dragon Nest SEA!


[New Content]

- Level cap raised to 40
- 10 new Saint Haven dungeons with additional Lv. 32 ~ 40 quests and missions
- NPC Trainer Lindsay's Mount Shop official opening with two Lv. 40 mounts: Ebony Thunder and Snow Breeze
- Give your mounts a shiny trail glow with Mount Trinkets at Merchant Pero, Saint Haven
- 3 new Theme Park stages in Saint Haven: Orc Kim's Strike, Hessian Goblin Stage, Boss Rush

- Manticore Nest (Normal/Hell) and Apocalypse Nest (Normal/Hell)
- New Nests quests and missions

- It's Christmas with seasonal decorations and music in all towns!
- New Christmas quests and events: Decorate Christmas Tree Event and Merry Xmas Event

Cash Shop
- Christmas costumes and permanent title: 'Christmas Fairy'
- Altea's Gacha-Box update with new tails, wings and decals


- Lv. 40 items now available at Blacksmith Berlin's [Item Craft] tab
- New affinity quests
- New Elemental Lord skill: Hellfire

- Manticore and Apocalypse Nest Tickets drops in Lv. 32 ~ 40 Abyss dungeons
- 'Nereid Origin' drops in Manticore Nest (Normal)
- 'Modified Prophetic Compass' drops in Apocalypse Nest (Normal)
- 'Mount Medallions' drops in Manticore and Apocalypse Nests (Hell)
- [Nest] menu added to Community tab
- Manticore and Apocalypse items now available at Blacksmith Berlin's [Item Craft] tab

- Reset of Ladder Points
- Entrance limit for Ladder mode now set to Lv. 40
- Lv. 40 items now added to Ladder shop with Lv. 32 items moved to the normal shop

- Guild capacity; players will no longer receive an error message when maximum number of guild members are invited.
- Graphical issues with missing character's head and face
- Translation updates

Level 40 Skills For Warrior:
  • Counter Exile
  • Infinity Edge
  • Great Wave
  • Devastating Howl
  • Axe Tornado
  • Gigantic Bomber
Level 40 Skills For Archer:
Bow Master
  • Longbow Mastery
  • Crossbow Mastery
  • Hawk Ballista
  • Arrow Barrage
  • Spindle Tumble
  • Shortbow Mastery
  • Nature’s Rage
  • Quake Barrage
Level 40 Skills for Cleric:
  • Charitable Zap
  • Hammer of Divinity
  • The God Within
  • First Aid
  • Heavenly Judgement
  • Miracle Relic
Level 40 Skills for Sorceress
Elemental Lord
  • Mana Surge
  • Volcanic Vortex or
  • Blizzard
Force User
  • Fast Forward
  • Mana Surge
  • Meteor Storm
  • Beam Tempest

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  1. Yahoo! Ito na hinihintay ko, I can now find cheap lvl 32 epic items. i hope that unique items are now available in the game.