December 5, 2011

Genghis Khan PH Not Wasting Time: OBT on December 8!

Strike while the iron is hot, while the players are still clamoring for the game, while the success of a recently concluded CBT is still fresh in the air.

That is exactly what Gameclub is doing right now. After just a few days since the end of their CBT, Genghis Khan's OBT schedule has already been announced today and is scheduled to happen on December 8.

The Closed Beta Phase of Genghis Khan ended last December 5, 2011. Hundreds of players amassed within the 4 Kingdoms with the goal of being titled as the Supreme Ruler. Others who formed guilds took up arms as they fought the others in the battle for supremacy. 

During the early days of the CBT, players flocked to the quest areas and PVP Arena with the goal of winning the events prepared by the Game Masters. These quests are:

1.      Legendary King –Players who will be the FIRST kings in each of the kingdoms during the CBT Period.

2.      Top Ranked – In each kingdom, the highest level player in each class will be given recognition and prizes (48 winners in total) 

3.      Brainiacs – The best player who can answer the trivia questions quickly and correctly. 

4.      Ironman – Where players are on a time limit, acted in Ironman triathlon contests for completing a quest.

Also, there were:

1.       Kick Off Event – Where Game Masters give out items during the CBT that can help players upgrade their equipment and purchase items. 

2.      Bug Hunt Event – This event focused on putting the players in the spotlight to find Bugs/Errors to help fix the game in preparation for the Open Beta.

Genghis Khan's CBT was so successful that they couldn't let the players get agitated and overly excited. They simply couldn't get enough of the game!

The all-out war in the last few hours of CBT

Here is the OBT schedule:

Everyday there is something different to do in Genghis Khan. So, what are you waiting for? Join us and play Genghis Khan Online!

Genghis Khan Online Open Beta this December 8, 2011. See you in-game!

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