December 7, 2011

Dragon Nest SEA To Have a PH Server

“We're going to have a dedicated server for ‘Dragon Nest SEA’ in the Philippines, and hopefully, this can be achieved by December this year.”

Those were the words that came directly from Mr. Addison Kang, vice-president and producer of Shanda Games, publisher of the free-to-play 3D multiplayer online action role-playing game (MO action RPG) Dragon Nest in Southeast Asia, himself.

He reveals that majority of “Dragon Nest SEA” players come from the Philippines. A quick check on Facebook — a site that serves as a testament to how Shanda values social platforms to engage fans — confirms this.

"One strong point of the game is that it has high-end graphics but it can run on low-end PCs and on low bandwidth as well," adds Addison. “That's rare. This is one reason that ‘Dragon Nest SEA’ is popular in the Philippines.”

Are they looking to partner with any organization from the Philippines? “We are talking to [professional-gaming organization] Mineski, but nothing’s concrete yet,” Addison says.

If and when they'll create their own Philippine-based team is something that’s going to be answered in perhaps a month or two also, but based on what Mr. Kang has been hinting in his Facebook page, it seems that the PH server is already a done deal.

Coming from a player whose reason for playing in a SEA server is to stay away from the ill-mannered Filipinos and be able to interact with the rest of the Southeast Asians, I sincerely abhor this idea. Dumping the Filipinos in a single server is no different from playing in a locally distributed online game, filled with Filipino players who endlessly taunt each other in-game.

I'm unsure of how this PH server will exactly work, but I do hope they wouldn't put all Pinoys in a single server, that it will be the players' choice on whether or not they want to be in the said server or not.

Being the devil's advocate, I think the Filipinos will have their own server because the other SEAns are already finding them unbearable, with all the Pinoys' needless world chats filled with cusses in Tagalog and scamming other players.


 Here's how the DN SEA PH Server will go.

In other words, Cherry Credits will maintain all the servers and PH players CAN STILL play on any of the four servers. PH players will only get a dedicated server wherein they can all gather in order to minimize the lag problems/complaints and enhance the gaming experience.

I still wouldn't even think of going there. Give me the lag, spare me from rude Filipinos.

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  1. Good news! I'm a level 32 swordsman and I think its ok for to start all over again if this happened.