December 23, 2011

Soccer VIva Online: Lead Your Team To The Championship!

A fascinating soccer game, Soccer Viva Online is here now, with every player ready to face the world with their specific team. Are you ready to challenge other managers around the world? Soccer Viva Online is opened on Tuesday December of 20th at 02:00 pm(GMT +8). There is no need for installing, just login and you can enjoy the best soccer web gameSoccer Viva Online!

Soccer Viva Online is a free web game which uses real time game mode. Players can enjoy the full animated live match, skills and action you have arranged will show in the animation. To maintain the realistic feature of a football team, players can also get most of the real football players’ data at any generation inside the game; you can produce your own team with all your favorite football players.

Different from other games, Soccer Viva Online has more than 10 kinds of game system for you! The card game element creates different possibilities when you are grouping your own star soccer team. More kinds of champions and matches are provided for players and you may enjoy numerous matches every day!

Aside from the various game system, Soccer Viva Online will hold many events and give out lots of rewards! To celebrate the starts of Soccer Viva Online, a series of events is published for all players. Join the events and get an extra prize to support your star soccer team!

Upcoming Events!

Event 1: Soccer Viva Everywhere !
It’s EVERYWHERE! Everyone are talking about《Soccer Viva》! Show us your passion! Use our specific signature banner and create a new post sharing anything about《Soccer Viva》. You will get a rare Orange player card!  Dont’ miss the chance!

Event 2: Talent football manager wanted!
WE NEED YOU! It’s time for you to join us and battle with other players! Visit the Facebook Page and “Like” the《Soccer Viva》page to get a random player card!

Event 3: Top of the Ladder
Who is on TOP!? Battle for TOP RANK 100! You will get a great reward! The reward is only for the champion!

Event 4: Viva Pro
How Pro are you? Just show me your abilities and let’s meet up at LV10!  And you can get a prize when we meet!

Event 5: The Big Challege From the GM!   
Want to prove yourself? Here is your BIG challenge! Visit the CHALLENGE Room and take the challenge! The best man takes all the glory!

(The game time is based on GMT +8 hours.)

~ There will be more excellent upcoming events in the future ~

Gift Package Giveaway Event

To celebrate the start of Soccer Viva Online and express our thanks to all players who have joined our game, we are going to cooperate with BBGsite to hold the Soccer Viva Online gift package giveaway event. Players can find our latest information in BBGsite. By participating this event, players will receive a gift from BBGsite no whether players will be more enjoyable when playing the game.

Date: 23/12/2011 (08:00pm GMT +8) – 6/1/2012

Name Description
Enhance Momentum (1 Day) Within one day after use, the whole team gained 10% all attributes when the football club is consistent with the football field.

Within one day after use, the whole team gained 10% all attributes when the football club is consistent with the football field.

Collect method:
1. Claim your gift key in BBGsite gift package giveaway event page:
2. Log into《Soccer Viva Online》:
3. Click “Reward Redeem”

4. Type the gift key in “prize serial number”, make sure you have select the server you are playing before redeem.

5. Start your game, click “Bag”, the prize will put into your temporary bag automatically.

Don’t miss the chance to be the best manager in 《Soccer Viva Online》, let’s call your friends to participate together, bring your team to the way of champion.

1. Players should check the latest news themselves in our official home page.
2. Game administrators will never ask for your personal account information.
3. We will announce the awards in our official home page.
4. If there is any enquiry, please feel free to contact us.
5. If there is any controversy, GameCyber Technology Litmited reserves all the rights for final determination.
6. Player please refer to the “reward redeem” for award collection after the event is over.
If you have any problems, please check《Soccer Viva Online》Official home page and BBGsite home page, forum and Facebook fan page.
If you are familiar with world soccer, interested in playing soccer game, then you should not miss this chance to become a legendary manager and lead your soccer team to be the champion. More news and events will be announced recently, please notice our game website and the Facebook fan page for details or contact us if you have any problem. Moreover, you can follow us on twitter to get the hottest news and join special events hold later!

Soccer Viva Online Website:

Soccer Viva Online Facebook fan page:

Twitter Page:!/GameCyber_ENG

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