January 8, 2012

Dragon Nest Swordmaster Heraldry Plates Guide

As requested by our friend Henry, here is a guide for all Dragon Nest Swordmasters who need help with the type of heraldry they should use for their character.

Just to remind everyone, Heraldries are not stackable. There are key names that heraldries have that may be different grades or levels. Even if you find them having different grades or levels, you cannot use the same type at all. When making a heraldry set, make sure to have the highest grade and level of whatever type of heraldry you want and pick out of the many types which ones you prefer.

There are more types of heraldries that here are slots, and your heraldry build will depend on your decision making skills in regards to that. Heraldry (and any item for that matter) range in rarity. Rarity is the grade heraldry comes in. The lowest grade is C which has the color green. The highest grade is A which is orange, B is blue.

Firstly, let’s talk about Stats-based Heraldry. The most important few plates would be
  1. Fatal - Increases your Critical Chance by a certain amount. I believe all attack classes will use this plate as one of their 8 choices. Critical ignores defense, so that is what makes Critical so important. Magic SM need high critical chance to be effective.
  2. Physical Attack/Magic Attack - Depending on the build you are using for your Swordmaster, pick one of them. Thisamplifies your attack stat by a huge margin. Being Hybrid, you can choose to use them both at the same time, but you would have to sacrifice another Heraldry for it.
  3. HP - Increases your HP by a certain amount. Paladin with the Avatar skill can get his HP up to a very high amount, and this amount can be used to increase the amount of heal you do with your Heal skill. When you are using HP/Vitality equips, this plate will increase your HP by a lot more.
  4. Bear/Wisdom – Increases your Strength/Intelligence Stat by a certain amount. Depending on whether you are going for Moon Lord or Gladiator, pick either one or both of them. Using this will increase your physical and/or magic attack by a good margin.
Subsequently, these are the possible plates that I would pick.
  1. Vibrancy - Increases MP regeneration. Depends on your character if you have sufficient MP regeneration or not.
  2. Vitality - Increases your Vitality Stat by a certain amount. This would increase a little of your HP and Defense, UNLESS you are using equipment that boost Vitality by a huge margin. Then, this plate will increase your HP by a huge margin.
  3. Undaunting – Increases your Paralyze Resistance Stat by a certain amount. This reduces the chance of you getting hit to a state in which you won’t be able to move for a slight duration
When you are really rich, try to get yourself a 3-stat Heraldry Plate. If you have ever gotten one in CBT, you would have seen a Stat Heraldry giving you a random additional stat in it. When a good additional stat is imbued within a good Heraldry Plate, it would usually cost a bomb. Either use it, or sell it for gold!

As for Skill Plates, they are
  1. Moon Light Splinter – Must-have for Magic Swordmasters. Pick the damage increase choice in the Heraldry Production. The cooldown for this skill is only 9 seconds! You will be able spamming this almost the whole time. In Time Acceleration mode, after using this skill once, you will be able to use MLS again in about than 1 second.
  2. Crescent Cleave – Must-have for Magic Swordmasters. Pick the damage increase choice in the Heraldry Production. As mentioned before, 5 waves travelling through huge mobs will give a huge increase in DPS.
  3. Half Moon Slash – Must-have for Magic Swordmasters. Pick the decrease cast time choice in the Heraldry Production. Also mentioned before, this skill has a long cast time so it is better to get this heraldry to prevent from getting interrupted easily.
  4. Dash – Pick the damage reduction when dashing forward choice in the Heraldry Production. In case you don’t know, you can use tumble to avoid damage. You are invulnerable during the tumble animation so that is why in most videos, you see players using tumble whenever they will get damaged. Personally, I have not tried this heraldry yet but from what people say, when you are getting hit while dashing forward, the damage is reduced by a certain %. If I did not remember wrongly, it is either 40% or 60%.
  5. Line Drive – For this skill, it depends on whether you want higher damage or faster cool down for the heraldry choice. If you’re a physical SM, spamming physical skills will be your main priority. Magic skills will be more on crowd control. Maybe the decrease cool down choice is better but I think most people choose the damage increase one.

Credits: http://www.pinoytechnologies.com, http://dragonnestblog.com/
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