February 15, 2012

Dragon Nest SEA Valentines Patch

Roses, chocolates and endless sweet nothings. Bah! Celebrate love, Dragon Nest SEA style, with a night of excitement and mayhem. Now THAT’s a Valentine’s Day to remember

New content will be available for more fun and excitement in the world of Lagendia. Together with the game patch comes new updates on the Cash Shop and new Fixes on Mission Quests.

Valentine’s Patch Update (v.54)

1) Dark Lair Update

Time to step up the fight against darkness – Enter the 2nd Stage of Dark Lair: Hatred Pirandello!

You can be sure your adrenaline will be pumping as you’ll be hacking and slashing your way through 36 Rounds of mayhem with the style of play switching up every few levels between Elimination, Survival and Time Attack modes.

2) New PVP Map!

We know you love PVP, and variety is the spice of life, so here’s a new PVP Map for you! Face your enemies and rock it out in the West Ruins of Calderock!

3) All New Pet System Released

  • Missing Quest: “Hello There! The Guild welcomes you” restored
  • Missing Quest: “[Title] [Immortal Lv1] Blacksmith Dorin’s Health Tips” restored

Make a Date with Irine this V-Day!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, guess who’s been a busy bee buzzing around Lagendia? Yup, it’s none other than Events Planner Irine! We give you the low-down on what to expect during this lovey dovey season, so don’t forget to participate because it will make her so happy!

1) Valentine’s Day Event Mission (Daily)

Roses are red, violets are blue
Pop into town now
Because we have a gift for you!

Simply visit any town in Lagendia daily to receive 2 Super Ultra Love Potions!
(You may collect this reward once per day only.)

2) Valentine’s Day Log-In Event

Lilies are white, carnations are pink
Get rewarded with treasure boxes
When you stay logged in!

Anchor yourself into the game during this event period and get rewarded with treasure boxes! The longer you stay logged in, the more treasure boxes you can receive!

3) Valentine’s Day Event Quest (Repeatable)

Hellebores are green, sunflowers are yellow
Complete this quest for a Title,
And you’ll be a happy fellow!

Seek out Events Planner Irine for a special Valentine’s Day Event Quest where you can earn a special Title for your efforts. Complete the quest as many times as you can to unlock more Titles!

With so many exciting events lined up for you, nobody has to feel lonely anymore. So come on and head over to Lagendia today!

Pose For Love From 13 – 20 Feb 2012!

How To Join:

Purchase a Pet and a Pet Accessory from the Cash Shop

Find a partner with a Pet decked out in Pet Accessory too, and strike a pose with him/her, together with both your pets. Take a screen shot and send your entries to dnevents@cherrycredits.com before 20 Feb 2012, 2359HRS (GMT+8).

And that’s it! Both you and your partner can look forward to receiving this cool fashion accessory within 3 working days!

Event Rules
- Your partner in the screenshot can be anyone.
- Pets and accessories must be purchased by the characters in the screenshot.
- User Interface must not be turned off. (To verify usernames)
- Make sure both character names are clearly visible.
- Screenshot must not contain other players in the background.
- Screenshot must not be edited in any form.
- Submissions will be checked on a daily basis.
- For entries which adhere to our event rules, prize will be awarded to both players in the screenshot within 3 working days.
- Multiple screenshot submissions are allowed but players will only be rewarded once.

Soar high with the Blue Cupid Wings. Join our Pose For Love event now!

New Cash Shop Items

Fall in Love with these new Pets, Costumes, and Hairdos!

February is the month of love, so pop by the Cash Shop to see what we have in store for you!

Who Let The Hounds Out?

Erm, we did. Duh.

These 4 loyal canines are looking for some lovin’ this February so if you have space in your heart, why not adopt a faithful pal to join you in your adventures? All pets have the ability to pick up loot for their masters, boost their owner’s stats with their own, and gain EXP for leveling when they enter a raid. Each time your pet levels up, it means better stats for both of you!

And how about indulging your canine companion a little more with adorable pet accessories that will raise its stats along with throwing the cuteness factor off the charts?

So embrace the warmth of a brand new pooch partnership and be a lone ranger no more. These special creatures are saddled with a duration limit, pretty much like many Cash Shop items, but fret not, because you can always purchase a Pet Extension ticket to extend its stay!

Dress To Impress

Looking for love in Lagendia? Then don’t go around looking like something the cat just dragged in. Up your style quotient with these fashionably stylish level 30 costumes and get a second glance from that special someone!

It’s A Hair Affair

Just because the out-of-bed hairdo is sexy doesn’t mean you can get away with ignoring your tresses after every dungeon run. There is a fine line between sexily mussed up and simply messed up after all!

Check out our range of new hairstyle options available to add that dash of sass before you head out for your romantic raid. You can almost be sure that someone special would ask you out for a second date!

Credits: Dragon Nest SEA website, PinoyTechnologies
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