February 22, 2012

RO2 Starts OBT Today

The 3D much-anticipated game developed in-house and published by Korea-based Gravity - RO2 (Ragnarok Online 2) is going to start its official OBT today. The OBT will also be covered live by Africa TV that is the biggest online game TV station in South Korea.

RO2 will kick off its official OBT at 2:22pm on Feb. 22, 2012 to highlight the figure "2". Africa TV will get prepared for the live coverage in advance. The live coverage will show players the happenings on the first OBT day in real time. Also, a documentary will be televised to give players a clearer view of RO2's growing course.

Additionally, Africa TV will assign sweet reporters to do interviews with RO2's developers, players and director, and will also reveal the beginner's guide, class tutorial and gameplay clip that it created in advance.

Gravity and RO2 have been among the top search targets in South Korea in recent days. Prior to the OBT, RO2 went so far as to see its client downloaded 50,000 times within 3 days, which is undoubtedly indicative of its high popularity.

Credits: MMOsite
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  1. Even if I stop playing MMORPG, I will check this new RO since it became part of my college life.