February 16, 2012

Rusty Hearts: Roselle and Requiem are Live!

After weeks of anticipation the Requiem update is finally here! There’s no time to waste, get a quick summary of what’s new below and hit some dungeons. Be sure to also check out all the sales and promotions running in celebration of the update!

New Playable Avatar/Character- Swing by the Cash Shop and purchase your Roselle Vergerious avatar. Her skills and attacks are based on Frantz and are deadlier than ever.

New Story Dungeons

Opera House- Robust acoustics, perfect sound insulation and throngs of minions, the Opera House is the first dungeon available as you enter the Training Camp and it’ll having you screaming in falsetto. Welcome to Cirque De La Mort, or Circus of Death. The clowns, marionettes and vocalists residing in this abandoned Opera House are no laughing matter. Fight your way through a variety of new foes and encounter the graceful thespian boss, Baron.

Catwalks- Think you’re too sexy for Catwalks? Think again! The Golden Seal team will have to navigate their way through the dangerous wing of the Opera House and encounter Nobleman, Knights, Bishops and more. Don’t think just because you’re traversing the catwalks that you’ll be stuck in the rafters; rumor has it there is a secret underground lair filled with mysterious and gargantuan monsters.

Gallery- As a haven for art connoisseurs the gallery is known for immaculate and awe inspiring masterpieces. Unfortunately you’ll find more than just impressionism, pointillism or cubism in this gallery… Watch out for Eel-lusionists, Templars, Prankers and the egomaniacal dungeon boss, Joker, as you get a massive dose of surrealism.

Ramparts- As a heavily fortified embankment this stone fort stands between you and the fire-breathing bull, Chimera. One does not simply walk in to Ramparts; you will need to brawl your way in to the castle’s stone defenses to defeat Gargoyles, Lion Statues, Grave Keepers and Fallen Wizards.

New Hub World Training Camp- New world location for players to continue the story and gain access to new dungeons and quests.

New Training Dungeons- Join the fight and take on these challenge-based dungeons with special rewards including new equipment and crafting materials.
-Room of Chaos
-Maze Garden
-Forgotten City

New Weapons
New sets of weapons including the powerful new “Bone Weapons” available exclusively in the new “Forgotten City” training dungeon.

New Raid Dungeons

The Altar- The Altar of Margoras is viral cesspool of dark energy created by the Gatekeeper of chaos and destruction. Face enemies from all dungeons as they plot against you in mass. Hordes of enemies will overwhelm you in an exercise of attrition. Assemble your party as you’ll need all the help you can get!

Requiem is now live! Load up Rusty Hearts, patch your game and start slaying enemies!

Credits: http://www.perfectworld.com
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