June 7, 2012

Cabal PH Finally Puts Up A Fight Against Cheats

After almost four years of putting up with Third Party Programs (TPPs), Cabal PH, now under the merged Level Up and E-Games company Playweb, has finally revised their game policy in order to combat the intense cheat-infested environment of the said game.

Below is the Official Statement posted on their website:

It has come to our attention that a new cheat software is threatening to destroy the integrity and balance of our game. We would like to remind everyone that our game policy clearly states that all users caught using a third party program (TPP) to commit any of the offenses below will have their accounts permanently banned with no chance for bail-out:
  • Damage Hack
  • Area of Effect Hack
  • Map Hack
  • Nation Hacking
  • Speed Hack
  • Item Slot Hack
We are also aware that some players users are deliberately advertising cheat programs inside the game, so we have decided to update our game policy against them -
Selling or advertising of bot programs, hack tools, hack sites or other similar cheat programs or services inside the game will receive the maximum penalty of permanent account ban with no chance for bail.”
*Effective June 7, 2012
Link to Official Game Policy: http://cabal.e-games.com.ph/game-info/game-policies/
We are already coordinating with INCA, the developer of GameGuard, to block the said TPP and prevent it from ruining the fun and excitement of playing CABAL Online. We also believe that the community can play a crucial part in ensuring that cheat users are put behind bars by reporting them in the Quarantine section of our forums.

We thank you for your valuable feedback and continuing support to CABAL Online PH.

CABAL Online PH Team
Personally, I doubt they will truly implement but I have high hopes. The Cabal PH Community has remained loyal to the game through its ups and downs, and it's about time that the company does something to reward that loyalty by at least providing their players a clean gaming environment.

Credits: Cabal PH
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  1. Any update about Cabal Online 2?