June 3, 2012

Open Beta Version “Soccer Carnival” release on June 12

Open Beta version of《Soccer Viva Online》added with a brand new “Soccer Carnival” system will launch in June 12, 2012!

In such upgraded system, you are given more chances to acquire special prizes and legendary soccer players, in order for you to demonstrate your ability and talent!

Should the players intend to participate in the “Soccer Carnival”, the very first thing to do is to obtain “Coin”. Getting “Coin” is easy – click on the “Exchange” button at the left on top of your screen, then exchange “Gold”, “Orange Card” and “Equipment” for “Coin”!

After having obtained “Coin”, players are allowed to participate in the “Soccer Carnival” party! The two distinct features of the “Soccer Carnival” are, respectively, “Lucky Spin” and “Match Betting Prediction”.

“Lucky Spin” – Wish You All Luck!

You need coins to spin the “Roulette”, and by doing so, players will have an opportunity to acquire various prizes including “Auction Item”, “Upgraded Purple/ Orange Card”, and even “Legend Card”! The “Roulette” also features a “Ranking Orz” in that the player of each month who accumulates the highest amount of “Orz” will get a “Legend Card” as well as an “UpgradedSpecial Card“. Relevant prizes will be adjusted according to further progression of the game, in order to maintain consistency and stability.

“Match Betting Prediction” – Show Your Insights!

This feature allows professional soccer managers to bet on the result of “Real-life Soccer Match”, in which players can make their own predictions by choosing “Home Team Win”, “Home Team Lose” or “Draw”. The matches players can bet on correspond practically to Barclays Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, UEFA Champions League, and other international matches. You can start your betting by using coins, and earn more coins once you win it. The key to success: insights and analysis!

You must be excited about the new features of “Soccer Carnival” aforementioned. Stay along with us for further information. Please check《Soccer Viva Online》Official home page and Facebook fan page for the details of “Soccer Carnival”. More news and fun are coming soon!

《Soccer Viva Online》Online Report page:http://en.web.gamecyber.net/gcFaq/svo/contact.htm
《Soccer Viva Online》 Official home page:http://svo.gamecyber.net/
《Soccer Viva Online》 Facebook fan group:http://www.facebook.com/gc.svo

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