October 9, 2012

A Guide to Brawl Busters Classes

Brawl Busters is a an action game that offers co-op and competitive games modes in third person perspective. The interface is simple and the controls are easy. Brawl Busters is not your normal hit and kill game, as team strategy is important to progress through the game.

Here's a guide that can help you choose what best class suits your brawling style in Brawl Busters PH!
Note: These are just the basic abilities you get with the default weapons you have. You get to acquire better skills once you have your hands on awesome weapons.

1. Firefighter
 The weapon of choice is a Fire Hose (duh) which is used to spray powerful blasts of water on opponents within area of damage. The Firefighter's Secondary Attack has the longest range among all classes.

Con: Slow Movement rate
Pro: High HP
Best in: Support

Basic Attack: Water Bomb
Damage: Medium
Range: Far

Special Attack: Buster Wall
Damage: Unknown
Range: Close

2. Rocker
Rockers are good for all around brawling. The weapon of choice is a Guitar, which can be swung around to create deadly combos. The Secondary Attack allows Rockers to strike musical chords that inflict damage on opponents.

Pro: High Movement rate
Best in: Mid Range Brawler

Basic Attack: Power Chord
Damage: Medium
Range: Medium

Special Attack: Sonic Bomb
Damage: Medium - High
Range: Close

3. Boxer
Boxers use their gloves to throw epic punches that throw their opponents off guard. You can also charge at your enemies and slam your fist in their faces through the Secondary Attack.

Pro: Fastest movement rate
Con: Lowest HP
Best in: Melee

Basic Attack: Rocket Punch
Damage: Medium
Range: Close

Special Attack: Wind-up Punch
Damage: Medium
Range: Close

4. Blitzer
Blitzers are great for PvE, or those instances when you have to combat various opponents all at once. They tackle their opponents with a Football handy. or they also do a touchdown, as the Secondary Attack.

Pro: Highest HP

Basic Attack: Slam
Damage: High
Range: Close

Special Ability: Touchdown
Damage: High - Very High
Range: Close - Medium

5. Slugger
Sluggers are great in long range combat, with the help of their Baseball Bats. You can swing away to hit your enemies or you can also launch deadly guided baseballs as the Secondary Attack.

Pro: Good in long range
Cons: Low HP / Low Speed
Best in: Range

Basic Attack: Triple Shot
Damage: Low - Average
Range: Very Far

Special Attack: Power Shot
Damage: Medium - High
Range: Far

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