October 9, 2012

Brawl Busters on CBT: Client Download - Torrent or FTP

 Brawl Busters' CBT starts today! Closed Beta Testing is good until October 15, 2012 and the lucky players who secured CBT accounts and plays within Oct 9 - 15 gets 6,000 Gold and 300 Cash. A reminder though: you can only use the free goodies within the CBT Phase.
CBT players are enjoined to report bugs and provide feedback and suggestions by emailing to brawlbusters@levelupgames.ph or you can simply post in their forums.

Things you should know while on CBT:
  • Item Prices and Game Features aren't finalized - they may still differ come the Commercial Launch.
  • After October 15, there will be a Character and Item Wipe. Don't fret, CBTs are simply test-runs to see if the game would run smoothly before it's officially launched.
  • THERE WILL BE BUGS AND ERRORS. That's why the game is on CBT :) With the testers' help, the game developer and publisher can work hand in hand to resolve all game concerns.

You can create your own CBT account and download the client by following the links below:
Credits: Level up! Games
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