October 8, 2012

Race Online: Auto Club Revolution

Are you a big racing fan? Think you're the best after finishing those Need for Speed games? Well let's put those skills to the test and come join the Auto Club Revolution.
Auto Club Revolution is a racing game that is browser-based. You can customize and test-drive cars as you please. You also have the option to buy new vehicles or sell the ones you've built.

You know what's the best feature though? Joining the multiplayer races. There are various options available for every skill level.

 The system runs on Unity engine, which will give you smooth 3D graphics even if your system's fueled with modest specs. The gameplay is an easy catch, you get to play for free and you get a lot of goodies through grinding. If you're willing to spend a few extra bucks then you'd have access to special cards, tracks, and even customizable items.

Like most racing games go, you level up as you acquire enough EXP and credits for each race you finish. To make things niftier, you also get to have new licenses and unlock new stages.

Did we mention that it's free to play? Just visit their website here and start racing!

Auto Club Revolution

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