October 9, 2012

Dragon Nest SEA: Physician Dark Skill Build

 Are you a frustrated doctor? Then come play Dragon Nest! Another class job advancement in DN SEA would be the "Physician", which would originate from an Alchemist, and an Academic before that.
Physicians are good for support in parties as they're great for healing. They specialize in poison too! Here are skill builds that we found that can be used for both PVP or PVE: (Oh before everything else, credits for the following awesome Skill Builds goes to DN*Master!)

First in line is the the Pure Physician Dark Build that's good for both PvP and PvE:

Not your cup of tea? Check out other Physician Skill Builds below!
See: Dark Support Physician Skill Build or the Dual Ulti Physician Skill Build

Credits: DN Answers
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