December 24, 2012

Cabal II Suffers From Mass Hack

According to foreign reports with evidence from Cabal II's official boards, accounts have been hacked on a daily basis since the game went into Open Beta on the 14th last month. Around 6% of the threads posted since that date are related to accounts being compromised.

These hackers managed to even change the account's 2nd password, making it hard for players to retrieve anything. One player stated that 2 days after recovering his account, it was hacked again despite changing all personal details and password. Hence, the community are starting to question developer ESTsoft.

In fact, ESTsoft has been embroiled in security scandals as well, with Cabal Online leaking personal data and servers being crippled by supposed hackers, with the finger being pointed at China gamers.

Regarding the Cabal II incident, ESTsoft claimed that the security system has been improvised since 28th November, and will be implementing the One Time Authentication (OTP) feature by January 2013. Cabal II's first English server was announced a couple of months ago.

Credits: MMOsite
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