December 24, 2012

Dragon Nest KR Adds Kali to Character Line-up

Dragon Nest KR has updated their servers with the introduction of the 6th class, the Kali, into the fore.

The Kali, also known as the Dancer, uses dual fans for weapons (remember Kitana in Mortal Kombat?) and is loaded with unique buffs and debuffs with styles that could either be based on paper or darkness. She is an ideal character to use if you are fond of attack speed.

I'm sure Dragon Nest SEA will soon be able to get a taste of the skillful Kali.

Part 01: Desert Flower

1. New 1st Job for Kali; Dancer

Breeze Call: Dance and attack enemies, recover own hp slightly and receive "Strengthen Blade". Under "Strengthen Blade" status, receive dmg will be reduced and "Blade dance" skills will deal additional dmg.

Sweet Circle: Throw 2 chakram to deal dmg to enemies, before returning back to kali. Consume 1 x "Blade Energy" to increase 30% dmg.

General Dawn Blade: Summon General Dawn Blade , who will charge towards enemies and attack 3 times. Consume 1 x "Spirit Energy" to increase 30% dmg.

Inner Fire: Charge into enemies, and use chakram to deal dmg to surrounding enemies. Press "Normal Attack" to attack. Invincible while attacking. Consume 1 x "Blade Energy" to increase 30% dmg.

Storm of Ewinia: Transform into God of Storm, Ewinia and create a huge tornado to attack surrouding enemies and float them. Received dmg is reduced by 30% and immune to abnormal status.

2. Blade Dancer

Squall Flaker: Evade enemies attack and counter attack immediately. After the counter, press "normal attack" to spin into the air  and suck enemy to the air. Can be activated in any attacks by pressing "Jump" button. (after activation, the caster gains 0.5sec invincible frame).

Twinkle Spin EX: Strengthen Twinkle Spin. Attack speed increase. While spinning in the air, press "normal attack" to hit enemy to the ground. Increase dmg by 30%.

Gust Demensia: Rolling at a very high speed and knock enemies into air while dealing damage. Consume 3 x "Blade Energy": destroy superarmor of targets and all hits are critical damage.

3. Spirit Dancer

Wide Stinger: Summon Wide Stinger and shoot arrows at frontal enemies, trapping them and knocking them back. Consume 3 x "Spirit Energy": induce a debuff on targets which cause the dmg received  to increase by 30%, last for 10sec.

Dusk Hunter EX: Strengthen Dusk Hunter. Deal explosive dmg to frontal linear AOE. Damage + 30%.

Praetor: Summon Praetor to hit the ground 3 times, dealing quake dmg to surrounding enemies. While casting, the caster has high superarmor status. Consume 1 x "Spirit Energy" to increase dmg by 30%.

4. Elite PVP Shop
- New Item on sale in Elite PVP Shop : Blessing Stone
- 7 days use.
- can be purchase with pvp mdeals, if your pvp rank is high enough.

5. Goddess Tear Shop
- New item on sale in Goddess Tear Shop : Red Crown

6. Desert Dragon Nest Changes
- Loyal Worshipper Kajif: the summoned totem duration is reduced from 30sec to 20se
- Dragon Zakad: tail swipe debuff duration increase from 30sec to 40sec [ =.= ]

7. Seal Stamp Consumption
- reduce the amount of seal stamp required to seal +9 or above items.

8. Level 60 EX Skill Effect
- Improve the special effect of the following skills:
* Hacking Stance EX
* Circle Bomber EX
* Relic of Cure EX
* Divine Ascension EX
* Summon Blackhole
* Chain Lightning EX
* Revenge Claw EX

9. Active Achievement System
- New active achievement might be triggered randomly when you are entering dungeons.
- If you manage to fulfil the requirement, you will be rewarded when you clear the dungeon.
- The reward bags will be sent to the mailbox.
- Among items which can be obtained from the reward bags include potential code, gem, B-rank title, material etc.

Other UI changes, event, bug fix,  etc will not be translated.


Expect the skill description to be updated over the next few days also. 

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