December 1, 2012

Dragon Nest SEA: New Hell Mode with Gigantes and the Archbishop!

The Archbishop and Gigantes are issuing a challenge to all brave adventures with this latest patch! Do you dare take them on in the all new, all exciting and all insane Hell Mode? Check out what else is in store for you right here!

New Hell Mode: Gigantes Nest

Looking for a bigger challenge? Take down Gigantes and his minions in the new Hell Mode and you could earn yourself some Epic accessories!

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New Hell Mode: Archbishop Nest

Wallop this time travel machine monster into a pulp in the all new Hell Mode! It’s not gonna be easy, but the loots could very well make it worth the effort. We’re talking about cool bling-me-ups like Epic Rings and Necklaces as well as a new Mount!
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New Mount: Arch Redeye
(Exchange 6 Medallions with Trainer Lindsay)

This mighty creature is a wild horse from the realm of Hell, and only the strongest adventurer will be able to earn its respect and submission. Head to the Archbishop Hell mode now and collect medallions as proof of your bravery. Exchange 6 medallions with Trainer Lindsay and the Arch Redeye will be yours permanently!
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New Discovery: More Farm Recipes!

Don on your best apron and cook up a storm with new Farm Recipes!
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Credits: Dragon Nest SEA
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