July 10, 2014

Doctor On Leave

Pardon me for the very late notice.

If you've been following my blog, you would have noticed that I haven't been able to update it even after my medical internship. This is because I have been preparing for the Philippine Physician Licensure Exam scheduled on August 2014. I have been reviewing like crazy and it requires my full attention.

Gaming is a way of life but for me to finally be a licensed doctor is definitely a dream come true.

My blog isn't dead. I'm just really busy.

Thank you for understanding. I'd appreciate it if you guys would pray for me or wish me luck. :)

Credit: Image from ThePauseButton.com
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  1. You have priorities in life and I understand why this interesting blog site is not updating since then. Anyway, Good luck for the licensure exam, Always focus to reach your dream.


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  3. Good luck with the exams, bro!