November 17, 2014

Journey To The West International: The Monkey King Cometh!

Remember the anime Gensomaden Saiyuki and Dragon Ball? How about the movie Forbidden Kingdom? All of them have one thing in common: they are loosely based on one of the four great classic novels of Chinese literature, Journey to the West. Remember just how pumped up you all must have felt while watching them?

We can now again experience that same adrenaline rush as Cubizone recently released Journey to the West International, developed by XiaoYou Information Tech Co. Ltd. An oriental fantasy MMORPG, it is a fast-paced free-to-play game following the classic literature's mythical storyline and features a unique psyche combat system.

The game is in CBT Phase 2 from November 17-20, 2014.

Players can learn the art of 72  transformations where each has a set of  unique skills, acquire different charms to build their own character’s attributes and  obtain different Psyche skills to conquer the  battlefield.

The game has four different characters to choose from: Naga, Netherease, Kitsune and Asura to join Wukong the Monkey King, on his journey to battle the evil Jade Emperor and save his
love Zixia Fairy. Players can ride different magical flying mounts and obtain divine charms to
strengthen your character's unique fighting skills.


Psyche system is the transformation of  different forms during battle. There are four basic Psyche: Karmic Fire, Dark Ice, Thunder and Mountain Peak. Players can form different skill combination,
producing wondrous effects and defeat the opponents. As the character become stronger, more and more skill combination can be explored and used. The battle technics are infinite.


Remember how Son Gokou from Dragon Ball Z transforms into a giant ape? This game has that same feature (not necessarily an ape)!

Players can also transform into different boss and obtain their skills. Players will temporary receive a different set of ultimate skills (only available from Boss Transformation) and some helpful buff to name a few.

The minimum system requirements:
Processor:           P4 2.0
RAM:                     512M
Video Card:        6600GT 128M
Storage:               1.5G

The recommended system requirements:
Processor:           Core2 Duo 1.8
RAM:                     1G
Video Card:        7300 256M
Storage:               2G

For maximum system requirements:
Processor:           Core2 Duo 2.3
RAM:                     2G
Video Card:        8800 512M
Storage:               2G

For more updates and information about the game, kindly
visit the official links below:


And as an added bonus, here's a treat for you guys: 9 cool JTTW Wallpapers for your computer!

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